Announcements - Thursday 24th May 2018

Thursday, 24 May, 2018


1). Today, Manishaben conducted Yogic poses to tone up hips, thighs, back and knee joints.  Thanks to her from Kendra.

2).  DONATIONS : * £51 from Jasuben Dolatrai Sheth as Khusi Bhet on her return after her surgery.  Kendra’s best Wishes and thanks.
*A washed peach will be given to all members at lunch time – sponsored by Krishnaben and Kirtibhai Mehta.  Many thanks from Kendra.
* A banana will also be given to members – sponsored by Neetaben Chotai.  Many thanks from Kendra.

3). After lunch today we will have the debate on “Jivan Sandhya Mate Ekalvayu Dur Karva Saathi Ni Jarur Che Ke Nahi ?” and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits

4). On Thurs – 31/5 or programme will go on as usual, with Yoga by Bhavnaben and after lunch we will have ‘Antakshri’.

5). From next  Monday, 50 members will be going on a tour of Lake District for five days and we wish them happy holidays.

6).  For the information of members, with effect from 25th May, EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced.  We will therefore send emails to all members giving them details and assurance that their personal data will strictly be used in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of NVK and those who want to opt out should inform us.

7)  Navnat Vanik Association is organising/hosting the following programmes at Hayes :
  * Fri – 25th May from 8 to 10 pm – Satsang on Anitya Bhavna by pujya Bhaishree from Rajsaubhag Ashram.  All invited.
  * Thurs – 31st May BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir will  present a seminar from 8.15 to 9.30 pm on “Mindfulness Amid Mayhem: Insight, Foresight, Surroundsight”. Dinner at 7.00 pm.  All invited but registration to be done for catering.
For further details contact Dhirubhai Galani.

8). Navnat Vadil Mandal has organised a trip to Southend on Sea on Tues-29/5.  Guests £15.  Further details from Rameshbhai Shah.

9).  Jasuben Sheth announced details of the debate and gave names of those speaking for and those against.  She also gave details of future programme.

10).  Our President – Vinod Parekh gave details of the Lake District Tour : * We will leave on Mon -28th (Bank Holiday) from Kenton Sainsbury’s Parking at 9.15am. *Please arrive before 9.00am.  * Bring a small light suitcase and affix the labels handed over to you.  * No parking allowed for your cars at Sainsbury’s.  * Bring warm clothes as it might be cold and windy.  * Front four seats are reserved for coach leader and disabled.
He also informed members that Hitesh Mistry had come today to inform about smart phones to those members who wanted to know more about the same.  He gave thanks to Hitesh Mistry from Kendra.