Announcements - Thursday 3rd January 2019

Thursday, 3 January, 2019


1). Our Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi announced : * He wished everyone that the New Year brings happiness, peace and prosperity to all members.

*  He welcomed all the new members who had attended today.

*  He informed members that our Vice President – Dr. Vindodbhai Kapashi had been honoured in the Queens New Year honours with an OBE.  Congratulations to him.

2). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Jayeshbhai Shah and Manishaben conducted Yogic poses to tone the shoulder, biceps and back muscles and balance poses.  Many thanks to both from Kendra.

3)  We wish all members a very happy and Prosperous New Year.

4).  We are very proud that our VP – Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi has been named as the recipient of OBE in the New Year Queens Honours List for long standing services and promoting Jain Faith in the UK and globally. Our Heartiest congratulations to Vinodbhai and his family and wish that he continues with his work land services to Jainism.

5). DONATIONS: * “Chaas” for the month of January is sponsored by navinbhai Vaid and family.  Many thanks from Kendra.
                          * £25 from Chandrakala Mehta in loving memory of her late husband – Bachulal Mehta.  Many thanks to the person from Kendra.

6). Today, after lunch we will have Quiz programme and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

(Jasuben Sheth had arranged a very interesting Quiz by giving the teams who were taking part a question sheet with 30 questions on general knowledge).  Many members took part and everyone enjoyed the quiz.

7).  Next Thurs – 10th Jan, we will have a discussion programme on the topic “Whatsup ki kamal ke dhamaal”

8). On 5th January, Navjivan Vadil Kendra will be 12 years old since its inception on 5/1/2007.  We have grown up from a membership of around 30 to the present 420 and we have a Waiting List of 313 people.  This shows how popular we have become.

9).  We welcome all the new members who have joined us from this year. (They were requested to stand up so that all members can see them and help them to take part in all our activities and also show their talents.  They should use proper Yoga mat if they are doing Yoga and were reminded not to occupy chairs with their personal belongings, sign the Register.

10).  Newsletter for January will be circulated soon to members and hard copies for those members who have no access to emails will be given next week.

11). Our first trip this year will be a 5 days trip to Torquay from Mon -25th March to 29th March.

12).  President – Vinod Parekh announced that: * Any member who wants to sponsor “chaas” in future should give their names.

* Our trip to Torquay has been fully booked with 2 coaches and further names will only be on Waiting List.

*  As usual every year we have received an invitation for 10 members to attend  the annual Lions Club party at Harrow Leisure Centre from 1.30 to 5.00 pm on Sun – 10th Feb from Ashwinbhai Sheth who is the husband of our member – Gauriben Sheth.  We need ten names from those who have never attended this party before.

* We will be using environment friendly Biodegradable trays henceforth so that the same can be recycled.

*  We are pleased to announce that NVK has received a donation of £1250 from Jayantbhai Doshi, who acted as the Tour Manager for the Bhutan tour last year.  He donated his remuneration as manager to NVK – as he does every time he acts as Tour Manager.  Many thanks to him from Kendra.

13). Jasuben Sheth announced about the afternoon Quiz and requested members to make groups of 4 to take part in the programme.  Also next week we will have a discussion programme on “Whatsup ki kamaal ya dhamaal”.  Please give your names.