Announcements - Thursday 7th December 2017

Thursday, 7 December, 2017


It is with deep regret and sadness that we have to inform the sad news of ‘Krishnasaran’ of our member –  DHANKUNVER MEHTA - Age 87 - who passed away on 22/11.  She was the wife of our member HEMATLAL REVASHANKAR MEHTA, who was NVK’s past Assistant Treasurer for several years.  We pray to Lord Krishna to rest her soul in eternal peace and to give courage to the family to bear the loss with fortitude.  Our sincere condolences to Hematlal and all family members.    OM SHANTI        SHANTI                SHANTI
We will observe a minute’s silence to pray for her soul.
(RIP DHANKUNVERBEN  - was it a co- incidence that when she last attended our gathering on the grand 10th Anniversary Programme, she won a Raffle prize !!)

1). Today, Jayeshbhai Shah conducted the Warm-up Yoga and Manishaben conducted Yogic poses to tone up body joints and also ‘Prnayams’.  Many thanks to both from Kendra.

2). DONATIONS : Today’s lunch is sponsored by Mahendrabhai Mehta and his wife – Purnimaben to celebrate the grand occasion of the wedding of her son – Rajiv to Ekta on 2/12.  Our Heartiest Congratulations to both of them and also to Rajiv and Ekta. ( Everyone enjoyed the delicious Shrikhand and puri etc )

* “Chaas” for the month of December is jointly sponsored by Manjulaben Chhotai, Chandrikaben Kakad and an anonymous member. Kendra’s many thanks to all of them.

*£51 from Kumudben Dinkerlal Kothari on the occasion of Dinkerlal’s birthday on 28/11. Our Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes and we pray that he enjoys many more birthdays to come.

*£51 from Vindobhai Mehta on the occasion of his wife – Hemlataben’s return from Hospital after 10 days.  She is recovering well. Our Best Wishes.

*£31 from Maltiben V. Shah on the occasion of her husband – Virendra’s birthday.  Our Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes and we pray that he enjoys many more birthdays to come.  She also donated 2 Boxes of biscuits and 2 Boxes of Instant Tea. Many thanks from Kendra.

*£31 from Nayanben and Ajit Shah on the occasion of the birth of their first grandson – ‘Rihan’ on 17/11 to their son – Pratik and daughter in law – Nishma.    Our Heartiest Congratulations to the family.

* 3 Boxes of McVities Biscuits from Neetaben Chotai on the occasion of her birthday.  Our Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes and we pray that she enjoys many more birthdays to come.

3). After lunch today, we will have “Padmavati Story” and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide Tea and Biscuits.
Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi gave a detailed historical account of her story.

4).  Next Thurs – 14th Dec,  we will have our member : Lalit Mehta, who will  narrate his experience as a guide for tourists in India for the “Amarnath” yatra.

5). Newsletter for the month of December has been circulated to members and a few hard copies are available for those who have no access to emails.  This has also been uploaded on our Website.  Kendra’s many thanks to Manubhai Haria for making photocopies of the Newsletter.

6). Today, we will continue with our “Sewa/Welfare” at Meera nursing Home from 2.00 to 4.00pm and the volunteers will have their lunch and leave from here at 1.30pm.  Next Thurs – 14/12, we will continue with our sewa at Birchwood  and the volunteers are : Purnimaben Meswani, Harendrabhai Meswani, Nayanben Shah, Jayantbhai Doshi, Ramaben Doshi, Shirishbhai Kothari, Meenaben Shah, Ushaben Lakhani, Pragnaben Mandalia, Yashwantbhai Mandalia.

7). Only about 30 members are now remaining to renew their membership and next Thurs -14th Dec will be the last day for renewals. After this deadline, we will assume that those who have not renewed, do not wish to continue their membership.  We will then take new members, strictly from the waiting list.

8). Please note that we will remain closed on 28th Dec due to Christmas holidays.

9). Jayantbhai Doshi announced that our Walking Group was established several years ago and between 30 to 50 members take part every Thursdays. Pragnaben and Ellaben and other volunteers were thanked for coming early and making all preparations like, cutting fruits, keeping water etc.
He also said that every month members are happy to sponsor Chaas and so as to give chance to more members to join in this sponsorship, the cost from next year will be £30 and a maximum of 3 sponsorships will be accepted from one family.
He also praised the sew/welfare activity which we have started from last week.  The first activity was at the Woodcock Court and we have received a Thank You card stating that all residents at the Court had a lovely time.