Announcements - Tuesday 6th November 2018

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018


1). Diwali Festival has started and I wish all a very Happy Diwali and pray that Almighty bestows Health, Wealth and Prosperity to you and your families.  Also today is “Kalichhaudas” and I pray that ‘Mahakali’ saves you all from bad happenings.

2). Manishaben came at 10.00 am today to conduct Chair Yoga up to 11.30 am, though it was not an agreed day.  Ushaben Mehta continued Yoga upto 12.00 noon. Many thanks to both from Kendra.
Also Manishaben will be celebrating her birthday soon, so let us all wish her by singing the “Happy Birthday” song and we also pray that she celebrates many more birthdays to come.

3).   DONATIONS: *  Today’s lunch is sponsored by Jayshreeben Sheth to celebrate Diwali Festival.  Kendra’s Best Wishes and many thanks to her.
                                *  At Tea Time we will serve Special ‘Chevdo’, which has been sponsored by Navinbhai Vaid to celebrate Diwali.  Kendra’s Best Wishes and Good luck on this auspicious day.

4). Today,  we will celebrate Diwali “Annkut” and after lunch we will have ‘Garba’.  At Tea Time, Kendra will provide Tea and sponsored ‘Chevdo’.  Many thanks to Maltiben Shah and Jayshreeben, who organised for ‘Prasaad’ and all members who had brought food ‘Prasaad’

After the announcements, Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi spoke on why Hindus  celebrate ’Annkut’ on New Year’s Day and the history behind it.  He said that thousands of years ago this day was celebrated by giving ‘Balidan’ (Sacrifice) to the Gods.  The Gods then said this sacrifice is not a good idea and hence it was replaced by offering of food- ‘Annkut’.

Then “Aarti” was performed with ladies singing songs.
Lunch was then served with a ‘Sadwich Barfi’ and the “Prasaad” items brought by members.

5).  Next Thurs – 15/11, Harshadbhai Sanghrajka will give a talk on Interfaith.

6).  Newsletter for November was emailed to members and also uploaded on our Website.  A few hard copies will be available for those who do not have access to email.

7).  21 members and others are going on the Bhutan tour from this Saturday.  We wish them happy holidays.

8).  For the information of members, please be very careful when you beep the horn whilst driving your car.  An instance happened in a Petrol Station when a lady beeped for the person driving the car in front to hurry up.  The lady in front came out and said she was racist.  Police were called and this was recorded as  a hate crime !!!!!!!!

9).  President - Vinod Parekh announced that those members who had given their names for visit to the Kiln Theatre in Kilburn are requested to make sure that they go there and if for reasons they cannot go, inform us, so that somebody else can get the chance to go.  This has been emphasised by the Theatre Authorities.
      * If anyone want to sponsor “chaas” for the month of December.
      * Please stay behind for the afternoon Tea with the sponsored special ‘Chevdo’
      * We request no member to rush for ‘Aarti’ and have discipline

10)  Jasuben Sheth announced that after lunch we will have ‘garba’ and also for the ‘Aarti’ only the organisers and volunteers should come up and then slowly members can join.