Announcements - Thursday 11th January 2018

Thursday, 11 January, 2018


1). It is with deep regret and sadness that we inform members the “Arihantsaran” of our First President – Pranlalkaka’s wife and our member – Hasmukh Parekh’s dear mother- Savitaben Pranlal Parekh – age 90 passed away peacefully on 9/1 at the Nursing Home.  She was our member also from inception of NVK till about 3 years ago, when due to illness she had to enter a care home.  Our deepest condolences to the members of late Pranlalkaka’s family and we pray that her soul rests in eternal peace.
(A minute’s silence was observed for her soul to rest in peace)

2). Today, Manishaben conducted many Yogic exercises to tone up all body joints and also to keep internal organs healthy.  Many thanks from Kendra.

3). DONATIONS : *Today’s special lunch is sponsored by Rasilaben Prabhudas Shah and family members on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Prabhudasbhai.  Both Prabhudasbhai and Rasilaben were called at the stage and everyone joined in singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. He had reached this milestone with 21 years of being young at heart and 69 years of experience. Our Heartiest congratulations and Best Wishes to him and we pray that he will enjoy many more birthdays to come.
                                  *£51 from Rasilaben Shah on the occasion of Prabhudasbhai’s birthday.  Also special home made ‘pendas’ and a packet of ‘Mukhwas’ was given at the lunch by the family.  Everyone enjoyed the ‘raas-puri’ and other items at lunch.

4).  After lunch today we will have Bingo games with very good prizes donated by Rasilaben and Prabhudasbhai’s family.
(A record number of members stayed after lunch to play Bingo games.   Mahendra Vora was the Bingo Master and prize winners were presented the special prizes by family members of Prabhudasbhai’s family.

5).  Our 11th Anniversary of formation of NVK was on 5th Jan and after sending a message on this occasion to members we have received several compliments not only from members but also from   NVM, NVBS, NVA, NCVA. Our heartiest thanks to all.  Your compliments will give us the encouragement to work for the lonely and elderly even better in the future.

6). For the information of members, Manishaben will be going on holiday from 1st to 20th February.

7). New members are requested to give us full particulars of their correct email address if they have not given us and also their photographs to enable us to prepare the Membership card. 

8).  It is customary to recognise members’ 90th birthday by bestowing a “saal” in recognition of reaching this milestone.  In Kendra’s history so far we have celebrated and bestowed “saal” to 5 members previously and we will today call upon Prabhudasbhai to come and accept the honour.  Our Hon Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi will do the presentation with our President – Vinod Parekh.

It was decided to do the presentation after a short break of 10 minutes and before the lunch break.

After everyone took their seats, Jayantbhai Doshi informed members that Rasilaben & Prabhudasbhai had been our members since the NVK was established and that they had given numerous donations and Bingo prizes to Kendra.  At major functions etc they would sponsor chocolates or even home made pendas for over 350 people (which they did at our anniversary programme).  He also said that Prabhudasbhai looked very healthy at this age and the reason was that they were always smiling at all times.

Our President – Vinod Parekh then bestowed a ‘saal’ on Prabhudasbhai and said a few words on the occasion and wished him all the Best.

Jasuben Sheth sang a very interesting and humorous kavita on Prabhudasbhai’s 90th birthday.

Nimaben Kakad also recited a good song for his birthday.  In the end Prabhudasbhai’s son thanked everyone for the wonderful ceremony at his dad’s 90th birthday.