Announcements - Thursday 11th October 2018

Thursday, 11 October, 2018


1). Colourful “Navratri” started yesterday and we wish Mataji’s blessings be showered upon you with luck, happiness and prosperity.
    “Kumkumna pagla padia, madi na het dharya

            Jova Kendrana membero tole vadya re

                             Madi tara avavana enthan thaya”

2). Today, Manishaben conducted Yogic poses to tone up the Hips, knee joints and muscles.  Many Thanks from Kendra.

3).  DONATIONS: * Today’s Special Lunch is sponsored by Hansaben Mandalya to celebrate her husband – Surendrabhai’s 80th Birthday.  We wish him a very Happy Birthday and pray that he enjoys many more to come.  Everyone joined in singing the “Happy Birthday” song.
Also Hansaben has sponsored the Lokgeet and songs by Shaileshbhai Vyas. Many thanks from Kendra.
                           * Almond Ice Cream at Tea Time is sponsored by Pragnaben and Yashvantbhai Mandalia.  Many thanks to them from Kendra.

4). After lunch today, we will have the sponsored programme of Lokgeet and songs by Shaileshbhai Vyas and at Tea Time, Kendra will provide the sponsored Ice Cream

(A mouth watering lunch with fruit Srikhand, Maru Bhajia and mixed bhajia, Bateta/Ringna nu sakh, Kadhi/bhat etc with mukhwas was highly enjoyed by all. Shaileshbhai sang very tuneful oldies which everyone enjoyed.
Jasuben Sheth then sang a special poem for Surendrabhai, followed by the birthday song ....”Tum jeo hajaro saal  yeh hai meri arzoo.............).  Many members waited till the end to hear the tuneful songs and then enjoy the Ice Cream.

5). Remember Next week we are not meeting on Thursday, but on Tues – 16/10, when we will have whole day of “Garbas”  with music by Shaileshbhai Vyas – there will be no Yoga.

6).  Deadline for booking Tickets for our Diwali Dhamaka programme is 15/10.  

7). Many members have now started to renew their membership for 2019.  We request members to download the renewal form, complete all details and hand over to our Treasurer - Punambhai Patwa with a photo so that we can make the new Membership cards as advised before.  Deadline for renewal is 15th Dec and if you have not renewed by then, we will assume you do not want to renew your membership.

8).  Please make a note that Instead of Thurs – 25/10, we will meet on Mon – 22/10 and again meet for Diwali Dhamaka at VIP Lounge on Tues – 23/10.

9). ‘Taj Express’ show at Peacock Theatre, last Friday was highly enjoyed by all.

10). We repeat that no members should rush for the queue when lunch calls are made.  Only those seated in the line called should queue for lunch.

11). The annual “Diwali in London” programme at Trafalgar Square will be held on Sunday 28th October from 1.00 to 7.00 pm.  Each year the DIL attract over 35000 people.  This year there will be lots of lively dances, music, Indian arts and crafts, culture, food, entertainment, Yoga and workshops.  It is a free event for all. (See full details in my Interesting News mail)

12).  Navnat is organising free Laxmi Pujan with Dinner & Dance for Navnatees for £17.50 on 7th Nov at Navnat Centre.  For further information contact  Rameshbhai Shah.

13) Jasuben Sheth announced about the next week’s Garba programme and requested that though we have few “Dandias”, it will be advisable for members to bring their own.  Anyone who wanted to bring “Prasad” or perform “Aarti” will be welcome.

14).  President – Vinod Parekh announced that for the Diwali Dhamaka programme, if you want to go from the VIP Lounge to the opposite school for parking, the right turn has been closed and you can only turn from the Traffic Lights.

Gates will be opened from 10.15am