Announcements - Thursday 17th July 2014

Thursday, 17 July, 2014

Mid Summer Mehfil
Today's Mehfil program went very well. Music by Music Masti was excellent. Over 325 members and guests took part. Volunteers worked hard to set up everything, decorate the tables and the hall and serve the food. Long term planning and leadership was taken by Vinod Parekh who did an excellent job and deserves our congratulations and thanks. Food was good and service was well managed.
Ice cream was served in the afternoon and this was donated by Bina Shah and we thank her for her generosity.

We received the following donations:
1.      Arunaben & Vinod Udani were present today. They are in London for a short visit and gave £101.00 to NVK. Thanks for their generosity and we are glad they always remember us whenever they visit London.
2.    £21.00 from Chandanben Mukukrai Kothari on her grand daughter- Anisha Mahesh Kothari - having qualified as a pharmacist. Our congratulations.
3.    £555.00 from Jayshukhbhai Mehta for the following :
·       Jayshukh Mehta celebrating his 75th birthday.
·       Jayshukh & Bhadra Mehta celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
·       Daughter Sangeeta & Dilip Bavisha celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.
·       Son Mansih & Rachna Mehta celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary
·       On getting their 5th grand child (Manish & Rachna)
     Our hearty congratulations and best wishes.