Announcements - Thursday 18th May 2017

Thursday, 18 May, 2017


1). Today’s warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai Shah and Manishaben conducted many ‘Asanas’ to tone up body joints.  Many thanks to both of them.

2). After lunch today we will have Whist Drive and as usual Kendra will provide tea and biscuits at Tea Time.

3). Next Thurs –25th May, Dr Vinodbhai Kapashi will give an interesting talk on the historical facts and significance of “Chaar Dhaam Yatra”.

4).  On 1st June we have invited a psychotherapist from Mumbai and she would share her experience in the field of wellness and mental health.  She can speak in Gujarati and Hindi and this will be an interesting topic so please stay after lunch.  Many thanks to Pragnaben Mandalia for arranging this.

5). On 8th June, Jasuben Sheth has arranged a very interesting debate : “Buddhapa ni maja ke buddhapa ni sajaa”. Those participants who gave their names are requested to come well prepared.

6). The Memories Cricket match at the Lord’s on Sun -21st May.  Those 42 persons who gave their names should collect their tickets from the main table.  Please note to arrive to the Ground via Grace Gate – located on St. John’s Wood Road, close to Lisson Grove.  The Volunteers will direct you to your seats in the Mound Stand.  You are welcome to carry your food and drinks.

7). Yet again we have been offered the £5 tickets for the Friendship Matinee at the Royal Albert hall on Sun – 18th June at 6.15pm.  This time Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be presenting the music of Elmer Bernstein who is famous for providing some award winning tunes for films like  ‘The Magnificient Seven’, ‘The Great Escape and other  memorable tunes.  You can book online by using the “Friendship Offer” code – 27884.

8). We have booked a Kiran Puohit play – “Lagan Ni Viyadhi .......Divorce in Upadhi” on Sun -25th June at 1.00 pm at the Patidar Federation Hall, Wembley.  Subsidised Tickets for members are £5 and for guests £8.  Contact Ashokbhai Mehta : ..

9). Age UK Harrow have organised a Dinner, Music & Dance programme on 14/7 from 7.00 to 11.00 pm at Come Dine 21, 248 Streatfield Road, HA3 9BY. Price £16.50 with Indian food and Bollywood dancing.

10). Today, we have special guests from Life Global UK – an international charity organising the well being of mankind and facilitating relief of poverty.  “Life” have, since last 25 years dedicated their service to the marginalised, deprived and underprivileged sections of the society.  They will have 10 minutes to brief members on their projects. Rushikesh Pandya gave a brief on the various charitable work and activities done by ‘Life’.