Announcements - Thursday 19th December 2019

Thursday, 19 December, 2019


1). It is with great sadness that we have to inform members the passing away of our member – ARUNABEN HARISH SHAH – Age 68 – on Sun- 15/12, after a short illness.  She had been a member from early days of NVK and has been travelling from Croydon regularly to attend our gatherings.  Her mother was a founding member and committee member for a while.

Kendra’s heartfelt condolences to late Arunaben’s family and we pray to Lord Mahavir to rest the deceased’s soul in eternal peace and gives courage to the family members to bear the loss with fortitude. 
Prayers will be held at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Ghanshyam Hall, Stanmore, today – 19/12 from 7.30 to 9.00 pm
OM SHANTI                                       SHANTI                                               SHANTI

We will now observe a minute’s silence to pray for the deceased’s soul.

2). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai T Shah and Manishaben conducted main Yoga and concentrated on yogic exercises for body’s internal organs.  Kendra’s many thanks to both.   Manishaben had announced that she will conduct Yoga and Meditation sessions in the 18 days overland “Kailash Mansarovar Yatra” from 6the Sept 2020.

3). DONATIONS :  * Today’s lunch is sponsored to celebrate Priyaben Mandalia’s   70th birthday on 23/12.  The sponsors are her son – Rajesh & Rasika Mandalia and her daughter – Swati & Chetan Joshi. 

       * Jalebi/Papdi Ganthia at lunch time is sponsored by Jyotiben D Shah who is celebrating her 75th birthday today.
Both were called to the Stage and everyone joined in singing the “Happy Birthday” song for them. Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to both above members and we pray that they will both enjoy many more birthdays to come.  

      * Today’s Tea and Biscuits at tea time is sponsored by Manjuben Pindoria, who has given her Best Wishes to all members.  She brought all the items from her home.  Kendra’s many thanks.

4). After lunch today, we will have Christmas Carols from the Gospel Choir of St. John’s Church in Harrow and at Tea Time, Kendra will provide the sponsored Tea and Biscuits.

(The 12 member Group came with their instruments and wore Christmas dresses and conducted several famous carols with the help of Slides, which showed all the verses of the carol.  Thus, everyone joined in to sing with the Group’s tuneful carols.  Many members had stayed behind to listen them and all enjoyed the carols. Credit goes to Ellaben Shah for arranging this Group)

5). Remember as announced last week, this will be our last gathering for the year as we are closed on next Thurs – 26/12, which is Boxing Day and a Public Holiday.  Hence we will see you all again next year on Thurs – 2/1/20.    Please inform other members also.  On behalf of Kendra, we wish all Happy and enjoyable holidays.

6).  Please note that the Managing Committee has unanimously made the following changes for sponsorship and guest fees from next year :  * Guest fee will be increased from £5 to £7.  Normal Lunch sponsorship will go up from £300 to £350.  Special Lunch sponsorship will go up from £600 to £750.

Also only one member (includes Husband/Wife will be allowed to Sponsor for lunch and any request for two or more members to jointly sponsor a lunch will have to be  discussed by the President and Secretary before a decision is given. Overall policy will be that joint sponsorship will not be allowed.   Number of guests allowed to the Sponsor will be 5 and extra guests will be permitted on payment of guest charges.   For full day music or Diwali Dhamaka programmes, only members will be allowed to to bring guests and numbers to be restricted to two per member and guest fees will be £15 or £25.

7). Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations to Mr Boris Johnson for being re-affirmed as the Prime Minister with an overwhelming Conservatives win.

8). Kendra’s many thanks to Binaben Shah, who has many times offered our members charity tickets to enjoy wonderful shows at Royal Albert Hall and other venues.  We appreciate that the tickets are available at very short notice.

9).  Once again we have to bring to the attention of members about parking in the Sattavis Centre.  Yet again today parking was done haphazardly and several cars did not park in the parking bays properly.  Cars also blocked the passage to the rear door of the kitchen entrance.

10).  President – Vinod Parekh announced :  * That many cars had blocked rear entrance of the Kitchen thus making difficult for the Meera van to park and offload our food.  He requested for members co-operation in future otherwise action will be taken to remove cars parked badly.         * Guests of the sponsors will join in the food queue first.  Disabled members must sit on the chairs near the entrance and also wait their turn to be called.  They should not rush to join the queue.