Announcements - Thursday 20th April 2017

Thursday, 20 April, 2017


1). Today’s warm-up Yoga was conducted by Nootanben and Manishaben conducted the main Yoga stressing on balance poses which helps the internal organs. Many thanks to both of them from Kendra.

2).  On behalf of the new Executive Committee of Kendra, which members elected last week, we welcome all members who have attended today.  However some members have not been able to come because of illness. We pray for their early recovery.  The newly elected committee with their positions was introduced to members.  The President is Vinod Parekh and Vinodbhai Kapashi - Vice President.

2).  DONATIONS : * £11 from Premlataben Parekh on completion of “Ayambil” .  Kendra’s Heartiest congratulations to her.
     * Bhartiben & Kishorbhai Kotecha have sponsored ‘Pendas’ for all to celebrate the birth of their grand-son –Niven – to their daughter – Disha & Mitin Parmar. Many thanks and Heartiest congratulations to the family from Kendra.  They have also donated £25 to celebrate the success of their son- Tajesh for passing exams in Finance.  Our Heartiest congratulations to the Kotecha family.

3). After lunch today we will have a programme of memory game and as usual Kendra will provide tea and biscuits at Tea Time.

4). Mahavir Foundation have arranged the following programmes :

દેરાસર પર શિખરની સ્થાપના  માટે ત્રિદિવસીય મહોત્સવનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું છે.
29 એપ્રિલ શનિવારે: સાંજે કિંગ્સબરી હાઈસ્કુલમાં પાંચ થી સાત જમવાનું અને બાદમાં સ્તવન/સંગીતનો કાર્યક્રમ: આ માટે ભારતથી ખુબજ જાણીતા અને માનીતા સંગીતકાર, ગાયક શ્રી વિકી પારેખ ખાસ પધારશે.  આ દિવસે  ધ્વજા નો ચડાવો બોલાવવામાં આવશે; જેભાગ્યશાળીને લાભ મળશે તે પહેલા બે વર્ષ ધજા ચડાવી શકશે 
30 એપ્રિલ રવિવારે : કિંગ્સબરી હાઈસ્કુલમાં સવારે પૂજા અને  અઢાર અભિષેક      બાદમાં સહુ માટે સ્વામી વાત્સલ્ય ભોજન.  સમય પૂજનસવારે 9 થી 12.30. ભોજન 12. થી 2 અને તે બાદ સ્ટેજ પર કાર્યક્રમ 2.30 થી 4 વાગ્યા સુધી.     બાળકો અને બહેનો પણ કાર્યક્રમ આપશે.
Meal Token For 29 April £5 and for 30 April £1.  Contact: Vinodbhai Kapashi.

5). Jayantbhai Doshi announced that Baburai Shah (BT) has given continuous service to Kendra for the last 10 years and though he has stepped down he will continue to give his advice to us as he remains now an Immediate Past President in the committee.  He has suggested that members should write the name of their nearest kin with contact number behind the Mobile with a label and he has volunteered to make the labels.  If you want this, please contact him and give him the details written on a paper.

6). Jasuben Sheth announced the details for the afternoon programme of memory game.  She also announced the future programmes as : (i) Debate – “Buddhapani maja ke buddhapani saja”.  Members wishing to speak should give their names to Purnimaben Mehta.
(ii) Programme of jokes, shairies, kavita in teams.