Announcements - Thursday 20th February 2014

Thursday, 20 February, 2014

1.DONATIONS: £20 from Ashokbhai, who came with Jay Lakhani today.  Many thanks to him from Kendra.

2. We request all members that they maintain silence when they enter the Hall when Yoga or any programme is going on.  Also members should put their mobiles on silence mode and if it is necessary to talk, then go out of the Hall so as not to disturb others.  Volunteers in the Kitchen area should also note this.

3. After lunch today we will have a talk on Spirituality by Jay Lakhani on the Upstairs Hall and as usual at Tea Time, tea and biscuits will be provided by Kendra.

4. Next Thursday – 27th Feb, we will have Yoga on the upstairs Hall and after a ‘Farari’ lunch Kendra members are invited to the Shivratri puja which will be going on in the ground floor Hall from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. There will therefore be no programme on that day. 

5. On 20th March we will celebrate ‘Mothers Day’ on 20th March and Jasuben Sheth has requested members to give their names. (Members can speak on mothers, grandmothers, etc)

6.  Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 27th March.  This will only be for submission of reports and there is no election (as per our Constitution).

7. On 4th May we have arranged a trip to Manor House for 5 nights 6 days. We only have 3 rooms left and we will cancel this by the end of February if no more names are received. If you are interested, please give your names.

8. In June we have planned an Iceland Cruise on Queen Victoria. 20 members have already booked and more names will only be taken if cabins are available.

9.  Last Friday 50 members visited the Houses of Parliament for The House of Commons & Lords.  Though it was a very horrible windy day when it rained the whole day, everyone turned up on time to see this very informative and enjoyable tour with a guide in one of the most important buildings in UK. We saw thousand years of history, modern day politics and stunning art and architecture. Most members said that they would visit again when the House is in session and watch a debate.

10.  Please note that announcements will now be put on our website
Last week’s Valentine Day programme photographs and visit to the Houses of Parliament photos are now on our website under ‘Galleries’

11. There is a programme of Bhajans by Nitu Shah on 15th March from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm at Harrow Leisure Centre, Byron Hall.  Our President – Baburai Shah has got 100 tickets for our members. There is a £2 charity donation charge. There is a light meal also.

12. Navnat Vanik Bhagini Samaj has organised ‘Bhagini has got Talent’ programme to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March at Hayes.  Programme includes classical and modern dancing, singing, jokes and a surprise item from Bhagini and ‘Mumbai Ni Sethani’s fashion show’ For tickets and more information contact Bhartiben Shah or Ashaben Mehta.

13.  NVA has organised a wedding Fair at Hayes on 2nd March and tickets are available from Dhirubhai Galani. Those who gave their names to him last week should collect their tickets from him.

14.  Jasuben Sheth announced that there were 3 prizes on Valentine Day programme, donated by Skylink, Ramesh Shah and Kendra. 1st Prize – Dr Pragnaben and Yashwant Mandalia. 2nd Prize – Indiraben and Dhirubhai Galani. 3rd Prize – Nimaben and Suru Kakad. Congratulations to all winners.