Announcements - Thursday 20th July 2017

Thursday, 20 July, 2017


1. Today, Manishaben not only pointed out where all our internal organs are situated, but also gave a detailed explanation of the use in our bodies of these organs. She, then  conducted Yogic exercises to tone all these and it was really remarkable.  She has obtained an Honours in the subject related to these organs.  Our Heartiest thanks to her.

2). DONATIONS :   * £101 from Pushpaben Mahasukh Patel who recently celebrated her 80th birthday.  Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations to her and we pray that she will celebrate many more birthdays to come.
                                 * £ 51 from Nirmalaben and Dhirajlal Doshi who celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.  Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations and we pray that they will celebrate many more anniversaries to come.
                                 * £51 from Shardaben Indravadan Sheth who has attended today after a long illness.  She has recovered well and would like to continue attending our gatherings.  Kendra’s Best Wishes and we pray for her early recovery.

3). After lunch today, we will have Bingo game and as usual, at Tea time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

4).  Next Thurs – 27th July we will have another workshop in the morning from 11.00am to 12.30pm on the topic : OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  If you are interested, please give your name to Ellaben Shah.  More information from Pragnaben. In the afternoon there will some games organised by Vinodbhai Kapashi/Jasuben Sheth.

5). Please note that we have announced several times that members should not be bringing any leaflets, pamphlets or any literature for distribution without the permission of either the President or Secretary.  Henceforth this will be strictly followed and any information which will be not of any benefit to members will be discarded. 

6).  Nimaben Kakkad had organised a reunion of all ex- Mombasa ladies at a restaurant and over 20 of our members attended the gathering of 83 ladies.  They all had a wonderful time.

7). Navnat Vanik Bhagini Samaj has organised a Yatra to Antwerp Deraser from 2/9 to 4/9.  Coast is £245.  Further details from their members - Chetna Desai or Bhairvi Shah.
8).  Jayantbhai Doshi announced that the first Wales Trip is full and a few places are available for the second trip from 4/9 to 8/9.  If you are interested, please give your names to Punambhai Patwa.  He also informed members that there is a slight change and instead of the two train rides, there will be a day on the beach and another attraction – Electric Mountain has now been added in the itinerary.  (More details in separate circular).