Announcements - Thursday 20th September 2018

Thursday, 20 September, 2018


1). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Jayeshbhai Shah and  Manishaben conducted various ‘Pranayams’ to keep internal organs healthy and also Yogic poses for lower back, hips & joints to tone up the joints and muscles.   Thanks to both from Kendra.

2).  DONATIONS: * £51 from Jasuben Dolatrai Sheth as “Khusi Bhet”.  Many thanks from Kendra.    
                         * Cost of printing NVK’s Receipt Books and also Members ID Cards by Bhanuben Harsukhlal Shah.  Many thanks to her.

3). After lunch today, we will have a programme of ‘Bollywood Part II’ by Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi  and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

Vinodbhai started the programme by giving a brief outline of what is ‘Paryushan’, benefits of fasting during the celebrations and the real meaning of ‘kshamapna – Micchami Dukdam’

He then explained how the name – Bollywood’ came about. Giving brief stories behind the famous films like :’Devdas’ etc., famous actors, writers, poets etc of the bygone days.  He also gave details of the Binaca Geetmala – a weekly count down show of top filmi songs from Hindi Cinema listened to by millions of music lovers that was broadcast from 1952.
Many members stayed to hear all the interesting talk about the filmi bygone days.

4).  Next Thurs – 27/9 .... we will have a programme of ‘Chai with Jasu’

5). Last Thurs – 13/9, only 59 members came for Yoga and thereafter for a delicious lunch – including “Dhosa na ladu”, Maru Bhajia etc.

6).  Tickets for our Diwali Dhamaka programme with live music on 23/10 at the VIP Lounge can now be purchased from the main desk at the highly subsidised rate of £5 for members and Guests for £25.  Seating arrangements will be made with 10 persons on a table.  If you have made up your list of 10 names, please give it to the front desk.

7).  For the information of members – When renewing your British passport, you are no longer allowed to carry over unused time, in a change to the rules.  Previously up to nine months could be carried over from an old passport.  Home Office has said that identity documents should be valid for no longer than 10 years.

8). Newsletter for September was emailed early this month and a few hard copies are available for those who have no access to emails.

9).  A reminder to all Managing Committee members: Please note that there will a meeting on Tues – 25th Sept at 10.00 am here.

10).  Century Bowling and Sports Club in Wembley is holding a free Open day on Sat – 29th Sept.  If you are interested see our Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi.

11).  President Vinod Parekh announced about Care Home Seva project and the visit yesterday to Dell Field Court, where the residents enjoyed singing ‘Bhajans’ and devotional songs.  They really appreciated our effort to make them happy and smile.  This was our fifth visit this year and it was yet another great success and our special thanks to Purnimaben Mehta for organising this visit.

He also announced that Hitesh Mistry was again with us to show to those who wanted to know how to use mobiles and its various features.

Diwali Dhamaka tickets were received and kept for reservations by members at the main Desk with Kishor Doshi and already today 200 tickets were distributed.  Next week we will continue to distribute.

He mentioned about the NVK Receipt Books and Members ID, which were sponsored as above and printed in India and brought by our Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi from India.  He thanked him for all his help.

11).  Jayantbhai Doshi introduced Hitesh Mistry who has been coming to Kendra for a long time to help members on their queries about usage of Mobile phones. He said that Hiteshbhai and his mother will be our guests at the Diwali Dhamaka and Hitesh can help about any queries on gas and electricity meters etc and also on car/home insurance.

Hiteshbhai also spoke on how people are being conned by strangers to give their keys and their private information.  He advised that you should not divulge anything to strangers.