Announcements - Thursday 21st November 2019

Thursday, 21 November, 2019


1). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dhirubhai Galani and we welcome back Manishaben from India.  Kendra’s many thanks to both.  

2). DONATIONS :  * Today’s Special lunch is sponsored by Chhotalal P. Kothari in celebration of his wife – Sushilaben’s 80th birthday today. Kendra’s Heartiest congratulations and Best Wishes and we pray that she will enjoy many more birthday’s to come.   They had even celebrated their 60 years of wedding in May this year.   They had brought a large cake and everyone had joined in singing the “Happy Birthday” song for her before Chhotalal’s family joined in to perform the cake cutting ceremony. Everyone was given a piece of cake at lunch time.  We welcome all their guests.  Many thanks to the family.

* £26 from Shardaben Modi in celebration of the birthday of her grand son – Sahil, which is today.  Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations and Best wishes and we pray that he will enjoy many more birthdays to come. 

* Today’s prizes for the two Bingo games are sponsored by Maltiben and Virendra Shah.  They had also donated the Bingo tickets for today’s programme.  Many thanks from Kendra.

* Rasilaben and Prabhudasbhai donated 3 Bingo Ticket books for future games.  Many thanks from Kendra.

3).  After lunch today, we will have Bingo games and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide Tea and Biscuits. (Mahendra Vora conducted today’s Bingo games)

(The Special lunch included ‘Srikhand/puri’, samosa, crispy and mix Bhajia etc)

4). Next Thurs – 28/11, we will have another full day Musical Programme with sit-down Special lunch, within a month, at Sattavis Patidar Centre.  The whole programme is sponsored by one of our member and the music will be by a well known local band.   Programme starts at 11.00 am and ends at 3.30 pm.  Since it is sponsored, members will have free entry and guest will be welcome at £15.  Members should collect their tickets from Purnimaben Mehta on the Main Desk.

5).  Vanik Council of UK has arranged a speed dating programme on Sun- 23/2/20 from 10.00 am at Navnat Centre, Hayes.  For further details and tickets contact Ramesh Shah.

6).  President – Vinod Parekh announced about the next week’s Musical programme, : * Entry will only be allowed with your ticket and your membership card.        

*As usual it will be free seating, and you can only reserve your seat and another one for your partner.  This rule will be strictly followed and any ‘saal’ spread out for more reservation will be removed.                                                                                    

*There will be reserved tables for the Sponsor and his guests, Executive Committee, Disabled with their Carer (no friends, please).                                    *Gates will open at 10.15am.  Programme will start at 11.00am and end at 3.30 pm with break for lunch.    * Dress Code: Ladies in colourful Saris and Gents in Smart Dress or Suits.   * There will be Two Serving Tables so both Lady and Gents Volunteers who help every week will be informed by Hasmukh Parekh.



TODAY’S WEATHER AND TEMPERATURE : Grey, cloudy and chilly 5 C