Announcements - Thursday 22nd June 2017

Thursday, 22 June, 2017

1). Today’s Warm up Yoga was conducted by Jayeshbhai Shah. and Manishaben conducted many new Yogic poses which helped tune up of whole body.  Many thanks to both of them.

2). DONATIONS :   * Today’s Special Lunch (with Shrikhand/purii) is sponsored by Kokilaben Pravinchandra Mehta.  The Mehta family celebrated 80th birthday of Pravinchandra last Sunday.  Kokilaben will also celebrate her birthday on 29/6. Kendra’s Heartiest congratulations to both of them and we pray that both of them will enjoy many more birthdays to come.
         * £51 from Rasilaben and Prabhudasbhai Shah, who are celebrating their Wedding Anniversary today.  Kendra’s Heartiest congratulations and best Wishes and we pray that they will celebrate many more anniversaries to come.
        * £25 from Jaswantiben Mehta on the occasion of the 15th punya ‘Thithi’ of her late husband – Kirtikumar P Mehta.
       * £51 from Induben Haria, who had joined in the Potters Resort trip last week.  She had celebrated her 75th birthday at the Resort.  Many thanks from Kendra and our Best Wishes.
       * £51 from Vasantbhai Vanmalidas Sanghrajka on the occasion of his wife Kokilaben’s  - 70th birthday.  Kendra’s Best Wishes and we pray that she enjoys many more birthdays to come.

LAST WEEK’S DONATIONS : £ 151 from Amritlal Chauhan on his late wife’s punya ‘Thiti’.  £ 21 from Daxaben Arunkant Doshi on the punya ‘Thithi’ of her late husband – Arunkant.

3). This morning we had a Talking Therapy workshop on sleep problems in the Seminar Room from 11.00 am to 12.30pm, where 34 of our members took part.  This was a very interesting interactive workshop conducted by two ladies from the NHS Brent with the aid of slides and projection.  Our thanks to Pragnaben Mandalia for organising this health talk. After lunch today, we will have Gujarati songs and folk lore by Vinodbhai Patel and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

4). Next Thurs – 29th June we will have “Chai with Jasu”

5).  On Tues – 4th July we have arranged a day picnic to Verulamium Park in St. Albans.  The subsidised charge for members is £10 and Guests £15.  Children upto 12 years - £10.  If you wish to drive there, then you must Register and pay £5 for members and children under 12.  Guests £10.
We will provide Breakfast and then members can walk around or play games.  In the afternoon we will provide lunch.

6).  Yesterday was the International Yoga Day which was celebrated throughout the world.  In Vadodra, Gujarat, 275 people set a record of performing 108 Surya Namaskar and in Lucknow 22 world records in Yoga were established.

7).  You all are aware of the extreme heat for the last several days.  Please ensure that you drink plenty of water so as not to get dehydrated.

8). Jayantbhai Doshi announced about the proposed North Wales trip.  He stated that the initial announcement for the trip was made to find out how many were interested in joining.  We received several names, but by the time these were received the Tour company stated that the Hotel capacity was already full  and  we were thus proposed alternate dates – either from 14/8 to 18/8 ( Paryushan starts on 19/8) or from 4/9 to 8/9.  All who have given their names are requested to give their preference for either dates or for both the dates at the Main table.  He regretted for this change due to unavoidable circumstances, as this has never happened in the past. Also any more new names will henceforth be kept on waiting list.