Announcements - Thursday 22nd November 2018

Thursday, 22 November, 2018


1). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai Shah and Manishaben conducted ‘Suryanamaskar’, Chair Yoga with many Yogic poses to strengthen the Hamstring and other back muscles and Pranayams with Mantra.  Many thanks to both from Kendra.

Vinodbhai Kapashi (who has done Ph.D in the subject) then came and explained in detail about each of the words in the mantra and its advantages.

I thank Vinodbhai Kapashi and Harshadbhai Sanghrajka for bringing to my attention the correct mantra which was sent last week.  This has been corrected as under :

“Aum Hrim Arham Namah” - ૐ હ્રીમ અર્હમ નમઃ।   
This mantra is for breathing exercise and is powerful mantra if carried out daily 108 times a day.
Aum - you breathe upto Navel
Hrim - you breathe upto Stomach
Arham - you breathe upto to chest.
Above is all in one breath
Namah - you breathe out completely.
This will cause oxygen to spread on top part of the body.
Once you get used to above.

One can use this Mantra in other Yoga exercises.

2)   DONATIONS: £151 from Indravadan Sheth in loving memory of late Shardaben. Many thanks from Kendra and may Lord Mahavir rest her soul in eternal peace.
A Jew friend had sent a card to the family stating that they had planted a tree in Israel with a name plaque in her loving memory- so that it remains forever. (The organisation plants 58000 trees every year)

3). After lunch today, we will have a programme – “Mr & Mrs” and at Tea Time, Kendra will provide Tea and Biscuits.

Jasuben Sheth had organised 4 couples for the programme on stage and asked very humorous questions soliciting witty answers. 4 Judges then gave marks.  Vinodbhai Kapashi also asked some questions and after the participants had recited songs etc. The couple - Rameshbai and Bharitben Shah was declared winner and Mahesh and Saroj Savadia as runner up and both were given tokens of appreciation.  Many members stayed behind for the programme and all enjoyed the same.

4).  Next Thurs – 29/11 we will have Bingo games with prizes.

5).  Those who have yet to renew their membership, please do so by next week as over 300 have renewed theirs. Deadline for renewal is 15th Dec.

6). Navnat Bhagini Samaj has organised a “Christmas Party” presenting a Pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” with Breakfast and Lunch on Sat -8/12 from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm at Hayes.  Adults £7 and Children above 3 years - £5.  Further details and tickets from Bhartiben Shah or Purnimaben Mehta.

7).  President Vinod Parekh announced that many members (specially women) are occupying more chairs with their personal belongings. This is not fair and requested all members to refrain from reserving chairs.  He also said that if any member has any complaint against Sattavis Patidar Centre, then they should give details to : Vinod Parekh/Jayantbhai Doshi/Jayeshbhai Shah only.  Members are not allowed to rush to the Sattavis Patidar Office and state whatever they want to say directly to them.