Announcements - Thursday 23rd January 2014

Thursday, 23 January, 2014

1. We welcome members who have attended today.  However, several members are unable to attend today’s gathering due to ill health or personal reasons.  On behalf of Kendra, we pray that members with ill health recover soon. Also some members are having celebrations in the family, we wish them our heartiest congratulations and best wishes.  We pray for all members unable to come today to join us soon and take part in Kendra’s activities.

2.  Today’s lunch and the Bhajan programme are sponsored by Mr. Anil Bhagi of Skylink Travels Ltd.  Many thanks to him on behalf of Kendra. As usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea. After lunch, Amit Kansara group will sing bhajans.
DONATION : Today’ Biscuits are sponsored by Mrs. Madhu Shah.  Many thanks to her from Kendra.

3.  As usual, Manishaben recited the prayers today and everyone joined in.   She conducted exercises to tone up the muscles for breathing, chest and lungs. Thanks to her on behalf of Kendra.

4.  Next Thursday – 30th January, Jasuben Sheth has arranged a programme on the topic : “Your NVK experiences – good or bad”.  She read out the names of the members taking part and requested them to come prepared. 

5.  On 14th February – Friday at 4.00 pm, we have arranged a visit to the Houses of Parliament. 49 names have been received already. The tour is nearly an hour and half long.

6. On 4th May we have arranged a trip to Manor House for 5 nights 6 days. There are all types of sporting activities, arts and crafts and other facilities (all included in price) and we have limited number of rooms available. So it will be First Come First Basis allocation.

7. In June we have planned Iceland Cruise on Queen Victoria. If anyone – male or female – is looking for a partner for the trip, please contact Jayantbhai Doshi.

8. Navnat Vanik Association has organised a wedding Fair at Navnat Centre on 2nd March and grand-parents were specially requested to visit the Fair with their children and spread the word to the youngsters who are getting married. They also want some volunteers for the event.  More information available from Dhirubhai Galani.

9. For the information of new members : Since there are several members with same name & surname, please come and give us your full name. Also, some members have not filled in all the details required, they are requested to do so.

10. If you have given your email address to Kendra and do not receive emails from us, please advise me.  Also if you do not want to receive emails, inform us. Further all who give names of persons to be put on Kendra’s Waiting List, please ensure that you get confirmation from me giving the number and date on the List.

11. We have noticed that a few members are wearing socks because of the cold weather and performing Yoga.  We wish to remind them that for safety reasons it is not advisable to wear socks during Yoga.  It is very risky and members are requested to remove these during Yoga.

12. Everyone must sign the Register including all the guests.  Guests should obtain their Guest Pass from Vinod Parekh.  Also please keep your ID cards ready when joining in the queue for lunch.  We also request that members check that they have Emergency name and phone contact at the back of their Membership Cards, in case of need at the Kendra in Sattavis Centre or at other events. We also request all members to park sensibly taking into consideration the inconvenience to some of our disabled members and the food delivery van.