Announcements - Thursday 25th May 2017

Thursday, 25 May, 2017


Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the cowardly terrorist attack in Manchester Arena on 22/5.  We pray for early recovery of those 59 injured still in hospitals. We will observe a minute’s silence to pray for the departed souls to rest in eternal peace. (A MINUTE’S SILENCE WAS OBSERVED BY ALL PRESENT)
UK threat level raised to “Critical” meaning a further attack may be imminent said the PM.
                                                                  WE STAND WITH MANCHESTER

1). Today’s warm-up Yoga was conducted by Jayeshbhai Shah and Manishaben conducted Yogic exercises toning all parts of the body and also for the lungs.  Many thanks to both of them.

2). DONATIONS :  *£180 from Jayantbhai Doshi from the Tour Manager’s pay for the Croatia tour.    * £100 from Bhartiben and Pankajbhai Shah.
      * £51 from Sushilaben and Lalitkumar Shah.
      * As we have been enjoying good summer weather, we will serve a glass of “Faluda” to all at lunchtime.  This has been donated by an anonymous donor.
Kendra’s Heartiest Thanks to all donors.

3). After lunch today we will have Dr Vinodbhai Kapashi who will give an interesting talk on the historical facts and significance of “Chaar Dhaam Yatra” and as usual Kendra will provide tea and biscuits at Tea Time.

4).  On 1st June we have invited a psychotherapist from Mumbai and she would share her experience in the field of wellness and mental health.  She can speak in Gujarati and Hindi and this will be an interesting topic.

5). We welcome back the 24 members who had a wonderful tour in Croatia.  They had good weather and though rain was expected, they did not get any.  As usual, our Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi acted as the Tour Manager and he never keeps the Manager’s remuneration.  He paid for lunches, tips, excursions, other expenses and refunded the participants £1200. Also donated £180 to Kendra.  Many thanks to him form Kendra.

6). Yet again we have been offered the £5 tickets for the Friendship Matinee at the Royal Albert hall on Sun – 18th June at 6.15pm.  This time Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be presenting the music of Elmer Bernstein who is famous for providing some award winning tunes for films like  ‘The Magnificient Seven’, ‘The Great Escape and other  memorable tunes.  You can book online by using the “Friendship Offer” code – 27884.

7). We have booked a Kiran Puohit play – “Lagan Ni Viyadhi .......Divorce in Upadhi” on Sun -25th June at 1.00 pm at the Patidar Federation Hall, Wembley.  Subsidised Tickets for members are £5 and for guests £8. Only a few tickets are now remaining and if you are interested, please contact Ashokbhai Mehta. :

8).  We are happy to announce that our member –Dhirubhai Galani has been elected yet again as the President of Navnat Vanik Association of UK.  Our Heartiest congratulations to him.

9).  Please note that IHC has announced the deadline for conversion of PIO to OCI is 30th June and if those who are still holding PIO should get this conversion done.

10).  Institute of Jainology has arranged a coach trip to Birmingham on Sat -24/6 to take part in 40th Anniversary of Jain Ashram.  Cost £20.  Further details from Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi or Kenton Deraser.

11).  Navnat Vadil Mandal has arranged a trip to Wales from 16/7 to 19/7. Cost for non-members is £315.  Also the “Jalsa” group has arranged a Mehefil-e-Gujarat by Vinod Patel, a singer from India, on Tues- 6/6.  Tkts : £5 with lunch.  Further details for both programmes from Rameshbhai Shah.

12).  We welcome a special guest today – Navinbhai Shah, who is standing as a Labour candidate for Harrow East in the General Elections on 8/6. Jayantbhai Doshi welcomed Navinbhai Shah, who gave a brief on what he has done for the community as a Councillor for several years.