Announcements - Thursday 26th September 2019

Thursday, 26 September, 2019


1). Just for information, Our President – Vinod Parekh’s wife – Kundanben will be taking treatment at a Hospital today.  Kendra’s Best Wishes and we pray for her early recovery.

2).  Last week was a “Car Free Day” in London and whole of Tower Bridge witnessed a massive Yoga session.  Even in ‘Howdy Mody’ function in Huston there was a wonderful presentation of Yoga with music.

3). DONATIONS :  *Today’s Special lunch is sponsored by 4 lady members who are celebrating or celebrated their birthdays this month :                                                   

Jasuben Dolatrai Sheth                                                                                                  

Dhanlaxmiben Mehta                      

Vidulaben R Shah

Jasvanti (Jasu) Mehta

Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to all of them and we pray that they will enjoy many more birthdays to come.

All four were called at the Stage and Jasuben Sheth read a nice poetry for the birthdays followed by the Happy Birthday song : ‘Bar bar ye din aaye......’ on our music system.

4). After the Special lunch today, we will have a programme to celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahtma Gandhi - ‘Gandhi Jayanti’.

(The special lunch included : ‘Dhosa na ladu’ and ‘addad ni dar’, crispy and assorted Bhajias)

The programme started with a video showing Gandhi Bapu’s biography on the screen.  This was followed by a short talk by Dr Vinodbhai Kapashi on Bapu.  Several members sang songs on Bapu or read incidents in Mahatma Gandhiji's life.
Everyone enjoyed the programme.                                        

5).  Next Thurs – 3/10, we will have Navratri Garba/Dandia.  There will be CHAIR YOGA only.  Dress – Ladies : Clourful Saris. DO NOT BRING YOGA MATS.

6). Please note that we will NOT be meeting on Thurs – 10th Oct, instead we will meet on Tues – 8th Oct.

7).  If you have not booked your place for our Grand Diwali Dhamaka programme on Tues- 22nd Oct at the VIP Lounge from 11.00 am to 3.30 pm with live Music and Lunch, please do so.  Already 333 members have now booked.   Purnimaben Mehta announced in detail about the Table arrangements.  There will be 10 persons on a Table and you have to choose a leader, who will complete a form giving the 10 names.  Table numbers will be picked later on.  Also we are going to have Raffle Prizes and If you want to sponsor any prizes, please let us know.  If you need Jain Meal, please let us know.  Please also share cars due to limited parking available in the area.

8).  We are pleased to inform members that yet again your Executive Committee has decided not to increase the fees for 2020 and it will remain £90.  Though we will be running a deficit budget, we are sure our members are always ready to give donations for any celebrations etc.  We have emailed the Renewal form for 2020 to members.  Please ensure that you download, complete and forward with your payment to Punambhai Patwa.  We request those going on holidays to renew their membership before they go.  The deadline for renewal is 15th Dec 2019.

(Kendra’s thanks to Manu Haria for making 200 copies of the form)

9).  Chimanbhai Sheth has uploaded photos of all previous programmes on our website.  Direct Link :