Announcements - Thursday 27th September 2018

Thursday, 27 September, 2018


1). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai Shah and  Manishaben conducted Yogic poses to tone up the lower back joints, hip and shoulder joints.   Thanks to both from Kendra.
(Manishaben showed everyone the beautiful and lovely baby doll made by Meenaben and presented to her)

2).  DONATIONS: * Today’s lunch is sponsored by the family of Krishnaben and Kirtibhai Mehta who are celebrating three wonderful occasions in their family :  The engagement of their son – Samir to Radhika, their Ruby (40 years) Wedding Anniversary and Krishnaben’s birthday.  NVK  wished them“Happy Birthday” and also that they enjoy many more birthdays and anniversaries to come and Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to Samir and Radhika.  You will be surprised to know that their family now  have “Sasuu and Bahu” named  Krishna and Radhika.  They have also sponsored a cake at Tea Time.  Also Radhika’s initials after marriage will be R S M  - we are going to have yummy “Keri no Ras” at lunch.

3). After lunch today, we will have a programme ‘Chai with Jasu’ and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and the sponsored cake.

Jasuben Sheth called up Jayantbhai Doshi and Kishorebhai Lakhani to be the guests for the programme and Vinodbhai Kapashi to be the judge.  She asked very humorous and funny questions to both and quite entertaining replies were received.  Everyone enjoyed and clapped the replies given to Jasuben’s questions. Afterwards she also asked members to ask questions.  This programme was very entertaining and Vindobhai Kapashi, as the Judge, announced that both the guests gave good answers and there was not much difference in points.  However, Jayantbhai Doshi was judged the winner and Kishorebhai Lakahani as the Runner-up.  Many thanks to Jasuben for organising this lively programme.

4).  Next Thurs – 4/10 we will have a programme on “Nana/Nani or Dada/Dadi’s Khata Mitha Sambharna”.

5).  Last Thursday, we started distribution of the Tickets for our Diwali Dhamaka.  Today we have continued.  If you have still not booked, please book quickly as we will stop taking any more bookings soon.   Seating arrangements will be made with 10 persons on a table.  If you have made up your list of 10 names, please give it to the Main Table.

If by chance you are unable to attend after reserving your ticket, please kindly inform us and this is very essential as VIP is going to charge NVK  £25 even if you do not come.

6).  Navnat Bhagini Samaj has organised Ladies Garba on Sat -13/10 from 2.00 to 5.00 pm at Navnat Centre.  Admission is £1. For further details contact Ashaben Mehta.

7).  Jasuben Sheth announced about the next week’s programme and requested names from any Nana/Nani or Dada/Dadi who wanted to speak on their experiences.

8). President – Vinod Parekh gave more details of the Diwali Dhamaka programme:
* Deadline to obtain tickets is 15/10, after which we will not book any names.
* Re: Parking at VIP Lounge – it is requested that you share cars as parking will be a problem.  We have School parking but it is limited.  Also must park as instructed by Parking Wardens.
* Gate will open at VIP Lounge at 10.00 am
* ‘Ayambil’ – Those who plan to come after attending the same, please let us know in advance so that arrangements can be made with VIP. (Remember that VIP will be charging us for each chair occupied by us)
* Regarding the call made by our Volunteers to Disabled members to come for lunch and join in a queue at any of our gatherings – Henceforth, the Managing Committee has decided that they will not be given any preference to start the queue for lunch and all have to come when their line/table  has been called to join in the queue.