Announcements - Thursday 29th June 2017

Thursday, 29 June, 2017


1). Today Manishaben conducted four ‘Surya Namaskars’ and many ‘ashanas’ to tone up the legs and lower body. Many thanks to her.

2). DONATIONS :  * ‘Pendas’ in flower design will be distributed to all at lunch time.  This has been sponsored by Nimaben and Surubhai Kakkad to celebrate the occasions of Nimaben’s birthday, which was on 10/6 and also their 52nd Wedding Anniversary on 20/6. Kendra’s Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to them.  We also pray that they enjoy many more birthdays and anniversaries in future.  The Kakkad family have also donated £25.  Many thanks from Kendra.
       *Rajniben and Dhanvant Damani has donated to Kendra two large Thermos and two large Stainless Steel Bowls which will be used to serve hot tea/coffee  and to keep food warm at our picnics.  Many thanks to them from Kendra.
     * Maltiben Shah has sponsored water for our picnic on Tuesday to Verulamium Park.  Many thanks form Kendra.

3). After lunch today, we will have “Chai with Jasu”, and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.
The participants were Kantaben Patel, Prabhakant Patel and Nimaben Kakkad.  Everybody enjoyed the programme.

4). Next Thurs – 6th July - Pragnaben Mandalia has organised yet another health programme.  As it is Cancer awareness week, MacMillan are coming to give a talk in the afternoon on that subject.  Also on 27th July we have another workshop in the morning from 11.00 am to 12.30pm on the topic : OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  If you are interested, please give your name to Ellaben Shah.  More information from Pragnaben.

5).  On 13th July we will have the Debate on “Buddhapa ni Maja ke Buddhapa in sajaa”.

6). Next Tues – 4th July we have arranged a day picnic to Verulamium Park in St. Albans. First there will be light exercises.  We will provide Breakfast and then members can walk around or play games.  In the afternoon there will be lunch.    All joining in the coach should come to the Sattavis Patidar Centre latest by 9.00am. You can also park your car here. Those who are coming by car, please note that we are using the Museum Gate.  The code is AL3 4SW.  A few spaces are still available in the coach and if you are interested, please see Punambhai Patwa.

7). Last Sunday 173 people went to see the Kiran Purohit play “Laagan ni Viyadhi …….Divorce ni upadhi”, which Kendra had booked.  This was a record attendance for any of our shows and everyone enjoyed the comedy ‘natak’ very much.   This is not to be missed. Those who would like to see the play, there is another show with food by Shivam Production on 9th July. (Their contact is 07887930618)

8).  Wales trip -  Jayantbhai Doshi had given the reasons for change of dates.  As the response was huge, we have now arranged two separate trips on the following dates : First Trip – 14/8 to 18/8 and Second Trip – 4/9 to 8/9.  There will be limit on numbers for each trip. However those who put down their names for the 17/7 will be given the first choice and places for them will be reserved provided payment is received by today.

9).  We have forwarded by email about our Government wanting to hold a public consultation on Caste  and Equality Law.  We all have an obligation and should give our opinion on the matter.  Please make sure your views are heard on this very important matter that will have an effect on our future lives.

10). Navnat Bhagini Samaj has organised a Picnic at Northhala Fields, Kensington on Sun – 6th Aug from 10 am.  They are celebrating their 40th anniversary.  Cost with food will be £7 for adults and £4 for Children.  Further information from Bhartiben Shah or Ashaben Mehta.