Announcements - Thursday 2nd January 2014

Thursday, 2 January, 2014

1. Happy New Year to all those present and those who could not come.

2. Chas for the month of January by Bhogilal Rupani in memory of his wife Surekha Rupani.

3. Our yoga tutor is back and members had a good session of yoga by Manisha.

4. £101.00 donation  was received from an anonymous donor.

5. £75.00 from Manharlal M Mehta who celebrated his 75th birthday on 1st January. Our best wishes for a healthy happy future and many more birthdays to come.

6. After lunch we had a program of musical chairs.

7. Gujarat Samachar & Asian Voice appreciated the social work and charity fund raising by doing trekking in the mountains done by our secretary Jayant Doshi by givin g Man Patra at a ceremony in Sangat Centre on 23rd December.

8. 7th Anniversary & New Yeas Party on 9th January. Tickets and membership cards will be checked at the door. Only THOSE WHO HAVE BOOKED BY PURCHASING TICKET CAN ATTEND THIS PARTY. Ladies are asked to wear sarees and gentleman to dress smartly. Photos of couples and individuals will be taken by Mahendra Kothary.

9. We have arranged a visit to Houses of Parliament on 14th February. We can take only 44 members. Please give your name to Vinod Parekh.

10. Our trip to Manor House from 4th May till 9th May is drawing lot of interest and we have limited number of rooms. If you are interested we advise you not to delay your application with deposit.

11. We have planned Iceland Cruise in June on Queen Victoria and cabins are being booked for those interested.

12. We welcome all new members.