Announcements - Thursday 2nd May 2019

Thursday, 2 May, 2019


1).  Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dhirubhai Galani. Kendra’s many thanks.

2). DONATIONS : * Today’s lunch is sponsored by Anilbhai Bhagi of Skylink Travel & Tours, who will give a talk after the announcements.  Many thanks to Anilbhai, who has sponsored lunches every year for NVK and also given good prizes for raffles.

* “Chaas” for the month of May is sponsored by Dr Manu Velji Haria and Shobhna M. Haria.  Many thanks to them.

* £ 51 from Kumudben Mahendra Shah, who will celebrate her birthday tomorrow.  Heartiest congratulations and we pray that she enjoys many more birthdays to come.

*  Biscuits at Tea Time today have been donated by Rasikaben and Prabhudasbhai Shah.   Many thanks to them.

3). After lunch today we are going to continue with second part of our AGM when there will be election for the 15 committee members from the 18 nominations received. First there will AOB and then the MC will be dissolved.  Members have been sent the list of those who will be standing for election by Email.  We request non-members to please leave the Hall when the Voting Cards are handed over to members.  Members should give their vote by ticking the 15 names they want to  chose. The elected 15 committee members will then choose the office bearers and their names will be declared.  As usual, Kendra will provide Tea and sponsored Biscuits at tea time.

(At the last minute another member - Jayeshbhai Shah - withdrew his nomination and therefore there were only 17 nominees.

After the Managing Committee was dissolved, Dhirubhai Galani, who was the Independent Chairman conducted the proceedings by selecting his team for distribution of voting cards, collections and counting of votes.  It was already 3.45 pm by the time the votes were counted and Dhirubhai announced the names of the 15 Committee Members elected (Baburai Shah, Chimanbhai Sheth, Ellaben Shah, Harendra Meswani, Hasu Mandalia, Hasmukh Parekh, Jayantbhai Doshi, Kishor Doshi, Kusumben Punater, Dr Mahendra Vora, Praful Shah, Punambhai Patwa, Purnimaben Mehta, Vinodbhai Kapashi, Vinod Parekh).  It was therefore decided that the elected members meet at 10.00 am on Tues – 7th May at Sattavis Patidar Centre to choose the Office Bearers.  The office Bearers will then be announced.)

4). Next Thurs – 9/5, we will have a full day musical programme with Special Lunch, both of which have been sponsored.  There will be no Yoga.

5).  Newsletter for the month of May has been emailed to members and also uploaded on or website.  A few hard copies will be available for those members who have no access to emails.

6).  Kendra’s congratulations to our member – Nalinbhai Udani, who has been re-elected as the President of Navnat Vadil Mandal.

7).  Yesterday was the Gujarat Day and from midnight all restaurants and hotels in Gujarat will be allowed to stay open 24 hours daily.

8).  Yet again we have to announce that some members have parked their cars very badly by occupying two spaces.  Please, we request that everyone should be sensible and park properly so that others can also park.

9).  President – Vinod Parekh announced that for next Thursday’s programme members should :  *  Park properly and also use the outside car park. 
* Gates will open at 10.15 am
*  There will be tables reserved for Disabled, Guests and Committee members only.  No one will be allowed to occupy chairs by putting their ‘saals’/coats etc
*  Members should bring their white tickets at the checking counter at the gate.
* There will be Table numbers and volunteers and committee members are requested to come at 9.45 am for decorations etc.
* Any requests for songs should be handed over to the Secretary only.
*  Dress code : Ladies – saris.   Gents – Smart Dress.
He also announced about the 4 nights/5 days Potters Resort trip from Mon -20/5.  Cost will be around £ 320 and will only be confirmed if there is enough response.  If you are interested, please inform Jayantbhai Doshi.

TODAY’S WEATHER AND TEMPERATURE : Cloudy with patches of sun 15 C