Announcements - Thursday 30th January 2020

Thursday, 30 January, 2020


1). On the festival of “Vasant Pachmi” and “Saravasti Puja” today, our Felicitations and Best Wishes to you all.

2). Today’s warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai T Shah.  Many thanks from Kendra.

Our Yoga Guru – Manishaben is proceeding on her 4 weeks holidays from next week and on behalf of all of us we wish her happy holidays.  Manishaben has informed that on this Sunday – 2nd Feb at 11.00 am there is a good programme on Yoga on MATV Channel.

3). Today is the “Punya Tithi” of Gandhi Bapu so after lunch today, we will have a programme on Gandhi Nirvan Day and also India’s Republic Day, and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide Tea and Biscuits.

Today’s lunch included a special ‘mitthai’ – “Halwasan”  made with almonds.

( Kusumben Punater had arranged a good programme and some members had come with Indian flags and wearing Tricolour garments.  Members came forward to sing songs and give short instances in Gandhi Bapu’s life.  There was a nice parade near the stage with flags and all participants joining in to sing ‘Rashtriya’ songs. It was a good programme and everyone enjoyed by joining to sing songs with clapping.  Independence Day songs were also recited )


4).  Next Thurs – 6/2 we will have Whist Drive or Bingo.

5).  Tomorrow - 31st Jan at 11.00 pm is the great day of our departure from the EU, when Britain will become a fully independent nation for the first time in almost half a century.  We will take back full control of our laws, our money and our borders and after a few months we shall no longer be subject to EU laws and courts.  We hope and pray that the future of Britain will be bright.  A special 50p coin will be issued tomorrow on the occasion of “Brexit”

6).  Please note if you want to join in the Yoga on floor, you have to get your own Yoga mat.

7).  President – Vinod Parekh announced : * i) Next 4 weeks, our Yoga Guru – Manishaben is going on holidays to India and we have already made arrangements to bring different Yoga Tutors for all four weeks, so our Yoga sessions will be conducted as usual.             * ii) Lion Ashwin Sheth (Husband of our member – Gauriben Sheth) of Lions Club of Feltham & Whitton has kindly booked a table of 10 for our members for the Lions Senior party on Sun- 1st March at Harrow Leisure Centre.  We need 10 names from members and also one more for the other table sponsored by Vanik Council of UK.  Please give your names today.  Kendra’s many thanks to Ashwin Sheth, who has sponsored for several years a table of 10 for our members.       *iii) Regarding the call for lunch, there is still some misunderstanding.  We request all to be seated and only move to the queue when your line is called and this applies to those who use walking sticks – they will either go and join in the queue or our volunteers will bring their dishes to their tables.         * iv) Today, we have 3 visitors from BAPS, Neasden, where they have a Kendra for Senior Citizens and conduct similar activities like us.  They have come to visit us to see how our activities and programmes are conducted.  We welcome you and hope you will learn something new.      *v)  On 16th Jan we had a talk from Action on Hearing Loss and we distributed some feed-back forms.  If you have filled these forms, please bring the same so that we can hand over these to them.  * vi) New members should sign the Attendance Register when they arrive.  *vii)  If you are doing floor Yoga, please keep your Yoga mats with little gap only with your neighbours – do not leave much space.