Announcements - Thursday 31st October 2019

Thursday, 31 October, 2019


1).  We Wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year on behalf of NVK.

2). It is with deep regret and sadness that we inform the passing away of our member – Sarojben Harshad Mehta – Age 68 on 20/10.  She was the wife of our member – Harshad Kantilal Mehta.  Kendra’s heartfelt condolences to the family and we pray that the deceased’s soul rest in eternal peace and Lord Mahavir gives courage to the family to bear the loss with fortitude. 

OM SHANTI                      SHANTI                                    SHANTI.

We will observe a minute’s silence in her memory.

3). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dhirubhai Galani.  Many thanks from Kendra.

4). DONATIONS :  * £101 from Kantibhai Shah who will be celebrating his 85th Birthday on 26/12.  Kendra’s congratulations and Best Wishes and we pray that he will enjoy many more birthdays to come.

* £51 from Damyantiben Mehta as ‘Khusi Bhet’.  Kendra’s thanks and Best Wishes to her. 

*£50 from Hansaben Patani who celebrated her 82nd Birthday yesterday.  Kendra’s congratulations and Best Wishes and we pray that she will enjoy many more birthdays to come.

*One Prize for the “Diwali Mithaii” and “Aarti Thaali” competition was sponsored by Kusumben Punater.    She had also arranged the ‘Diwali Rangoli’ on the Table near the main Door. Many thank to her from NVK.

5). After lunch today, we will have a very interesting programme of “Diwali Mithaii” & “Aarti Thaali” competition and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide Tea and Biscuits.

(After lunch, Vinodbhai Kapashi announced that whilst the Judges are trying to identify the winning numbers, we will now have a surprise item – a short play “Ram Bharat Milan”.  This was then enacted on the stage, with wonderful costumes and dialogues.  Vinodbhai Kapashi acted as ‘Dasrath Raja’, Sudhaben Kapasi as ‘Kaiikai Rani’, Ramesh Shah as ‘Bharat’ and Surendrabhai as ‘Sri Ram’.  Through this short natak, the whole picture of Rani – Kaikaii’s demand to Dasrath Raja that Ram be sent to 14 years ‘vanvas’ was depicted, with Dasrath Raja fainting and Bharat vowing and disowning Kaikaii.  A really entertaining natak with appropriate dialogues, all spoken loudly and clearly from memory without any written notes.  Kendra’s heartiest thanks to Sudhaben and Vinodbhai Kapashi for such a brilliant production and to all the actors for their wonderful acting in eye catching costumes.  Well done.  Many members had stayed behind to see the programme and all praised its high quality.  

After the natak, as the Judges had still not completed their decision, Vinodbhai Kapashi spoke on the 200th Anniversary of Swaminarayan Vachanmrut. 

The two Judges – Poojaben Mehta and Hansaben Sheth then came to the Stage and informed members that they had found all the entries for the “Diwali Mitthaii”  competition very well prepared and arranged and hence they had to then take into consideration not only the taste, but also the preparation style, arrangement, recipes but also nutrition value etc.  They then declared the numbers of the winners, which were checked by Purnimaben Mehta with the names of the participants and the following winners declared : 

“Diwali Mithaii”   - 1st Prize – Jyoti D. Shah No. 21     2nd Prize – Ramaben Doshi No. 8          3rd Prize – Hansaben Patani  No. 12

“Aarti Thaalii” – 1st Prize – Meena M Vora – No. 1       2nd Prize – Sharda Modi – No. 3

Congratulations to all winners, who were then presented with the five prizes (One sponsored prize of Kusumben Punater and 4 from NVK).

The two Judges were thanked and presented with Flower Bouquets from NVK.

Neemaben Kakad then sang a song for the programme.)

6). Next Thurs – 7/11, we will have a talk on Everest Base Camp by Chandrakant Shah and also Swaminarayan Vachanmrut – 200th Anniversary.

7). We hope you all had a fantastic time at our Grand Diwali Dhamaka programme.  Chimanbhai Sheth has uploaded 229 photos of our Diwali Dhamaka programme and also previous programmes on our Website.  Direct Link :
8). Please start renewing your membership for 2020.  The deadline is 15th Dec.

9). Our Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to our member – Manharlal Laxmichand Mehta, who has been made a patron of Navnat Vanik Association of UK.  This is the highest accolade given to any member by the Organisation. He has also been made an Honorary Patron of Vanik Council of UK.  Manharbhai has given services to the community for over 40 years now.

10).  Navnat Bhagini Samaj has organised a Children’s Christmas show – Beauty and the Beast with lunch on Sat 7/12 from 2.00 to 5.00 pm .  Tkts : Adults - £7, Children -£5.  For Tkts contact Bhartiben Shah or Purnimaben Mehta.

11).  President – Vinod Parekh announced the donation of Hansaben Patani (as above).  He also informed members that the collection for the ‘aarti’ during Navratri was £92.49.

12). V.President – Vinodbhai Kapashi announced details of the afternoon programme.  He said that we had very good response from members and 27 entries for the competitions had been received, which have been arranged by Kusumben Punater in the other Hall and all entries have been given numbers only and no names.   2 outside Judges will be choosing the winners and give us the numbers only.  We will check the details of the numbers against the competitor’s names and declare the winners. As there were only 6 “Aarti Thaali”, there will be two prizes and 3 prizes for the “Diwali Mitthaii”.  No one will be allowed to go into the other Hall.  After the winners were declared, all the entries will be brought near the Stage for members to see.

He also said that whilst the Judges will be choosing the winners, we will have a surprise item – a short ‘Naatak’ – Ram, Bharat Milap.