Announcements - Thursday 3rd October 2019

Thursday, 3 October, 2019


1). Today we had Chair Yoga only and Dineshbhai T Shah conducted the warm -up. Manishaben conducted the chair yoga  - garba style with music and everyone enjoyed the same.  Many thanks from Kendra.

2). DONATIONS :  * “Chaas” for the month of October is sponsored by  Gitaben Mehta and Pareen Nathoo (non-member).  Many thanks to both from Kendra. 
                                * £51 from Naliniben Avlani who clelbrated her birthday on 1/10.
                                * £21 from Dineshbhai T Shah on the occasion of his wife – Meenaben’s birthday which is today.
Everybody joined in wishing them and singing the “Happy Birthday” song.  Kendra’s Best Wishes to both and we pray that they both enjoy many more birthdays to come.                   

                                * Kundanben Malde donated biscuits for Tea Time.  Many thanks to her.

3). After lunch today, we will have Garba and Dandia in the downstairs Hall. 

4). Next week we will NOT be meeting on Thurs – 10th Oct, instead we will meet on Tues – 8th Oct, when we will have whole day Navratri Garba.  There will be no Yoga.

5).  Our Grand Diwali Dhamaka programme  has already been booked to capacity and we will take no more names.  Also no more Guests to be allowed now.  We had sent a circular that all leaders for tables must hand over their table requests to   Purnimaben Mehta.  Table numbers will be picked later on.  Also we are going to have Raffle Prizes and If you want to sponsor any prizes or need a Jain meal,  please let us know.  Please also share cars due to limited parking available in the area.

6). Newsletter for October has been emailed to members and also uploaded on our website.  Few hard copies will be available for those members who do not have access to emails.

7).  Please note that Guest charge for our normal Thursday gatherings will be £7 from January 2020.

8). Please start renewing your membership for 2020.  The deadline is 15th Dec.

9). Navnat Vanik Bhagini Samaj has organised a Diwali Dhamaka Dinner & Dance with Chopda(Laxmi) Pujan pm Sun – 27/10 at Hayes from 6.00 pm.  Tickets £17.50.  More details from Purnimaben Mehta.

10). President Vinod Parekh announced that he received several well wish  messages from members regarding his wife – Kundan’s operation.  He thanks all members heartily for their wishes and prayers.  He said that the operation was successful and she is feeling well now and resting at home.
He also informed members that no more tickets will be sold for the Diwali Dhamaka programme and requested Table leaders to return the forms.

11).  Purnimaben Mehta announced that a few Table leaders had not returned their forms and read out their names.  She said that if the form is not received then she will make a list from the names of those who have not been booked on any tables and members will have to seat as directed.

12).  Vice President – Vinodbhai Kapashi announced that we will have garba today and those who had brought ‘Prasad’ should hand over to Kusumben Punater.  He also said that on Thurs - 24/10 we are going to have a special programme on Diwali with Diwali ‘mithaai’ competition and also ‘Aarti Thali’ competition.  Outside juddges will be invited and members who wished to take part should give their names to Kusumben Punater.  Full details of the Rules of the competition will be sent to members later.