Announcements - Thursday 4th July 2019

Thursday, 4 July, 2019


1).  Today’s warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai T Shah.  Many thanks from Kendra. 

Yoga documentary – Who Owns Yoga - on Al Jazeera TV channel last Monday, but can still be seen online. If you open Al Jazeera news, then Documentary and under Al Jazeera Correspondent.  This is a real thought provoking documentary which showed various Yoga practised throughout the world.

2). DONATIONS : * “Chaas” sponsor for July is Navinbhai Vaid.  Many thanks from Kendra.            * £100 from Girdharlal Balachand Sheth, who celebrated his 90th birthday on 29/6.  Everyone joined in singing the “Happy Birthday” song and wishing him to enjoy many more birthdays to come.  (See below –No 6 for bestowal of “Saal”)

3). After lunch today we will have a video – DVD show of Gujarati comedy Natak by Sidharth Randeria, and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.
(Many members stayed to watch the 'natak' which was extremely hilarious and everybody enjoyed the play thoroughly.)

4).  Next Tues – 9/7 we will have a lecture by a guest from India.

5).  We have sent a circular to members that we will not have our usual gathering on Thurs- 11th July as all Halls are booked at Sattavis Patidar Centre.  Instead we will meet on Tues – 9th July.  Please inform other members.

6).  It is customary to recognise our members’ 90th birthday by bestowal of a “saal” in recognition of reaching this milestone.  In Kendra’s history, so far we have celebrated and bestowed “saal” to 7 members and today we will bestow on Girdharlal Balachand Sheth.

(After lunch, Girdharlal Sheth was called at the Stage and was honoured by bestowal of a “saal” from the Vice President – Vinodbhai Kapashi and the Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi.)

7).  Newsletter for July has been emailed to members and also uploaded on our website.  On Tues – 9/7, a few hard copies will be available for those members who have no access to emails.

8). Our Walk & Talk Group looked after by Dr. Pragnaben Mandalia has restarted the project and we are pleased to note that today 23 members took part.  Regular walking keeps members healthy and happy.  Interested members are most welcome to join in the walk.

9).  All those joining in the Mystery Trip should go to Purnimaben Mehta on the Main Table and find out their Coach and seat numbers and also obtain their tickets.

10). All members who use the lift to come to upstairs Hall are requested NOT to press the HOLD button as the lift then malfunctions. Simply press the button to go up.

11).  Jayantbhai Doshi announced : * He repeated about members using the lift.  Stating not to press the Hold button     * He informed that he had received a message from Hitesh Mistry (who has come several times to NVK to teach members on Mobile Phones usage) that his mother – Hansaben Mistry was taken for emergency bowel surgery.  NVK’s heartiest wish for her speedy recovery. * Kilburn Theatre in Brent has launched a project for people who have lived or have connection to Brent to be interviewed for their experiences.

12).  Vinodbhai Kapashi announced : * About the afternoon Gujarati comedy by Randeria which is very enjoyable      * Next week we are having a visiting Guru from India who will give us a talk.  * On 25/7 we are having a Talent Show and requested members to come forward and give some interesting items.