Announcements - Thursday 5th April 2018

Thursday, 5 April, 2018


Our first whole day Musical Programme this year was held at Sattavis Patidar Centre, with a whole day of music, no Yoga and a sit-down special lunch.

After endless days of severe cold or heavy rain, the weather suddenly turned quite bright, mild and sunny and Members were so excited that many had turned up at the venue very early at around 10.00 am and everyone was full of enthusiasm wearing colourful saris or smart dresses.

Volunteers and Committee Members had all come early to help in the decoration of the Hall, Tables and make all necessary arrangements and layout.  The Stage and all tables were beautifully decorated by the ladies of Kendra.

After signing the Register, everyone entered the Hall to present their tickets to the two Committee Members at the entrance, where they were given chocolates sponsored by Rasilaben and Prabhudasbhai Shah and took their place to sit on their preferred round tables, where water bottles and crisps were served.

In the hall on a table at the side of entrance, our member Meenaxiben Rameshchand Shah had made an eye-catching Rangoli with the Commonwealth Day theme and Rameshbhai had made Commonwealth Day Banners which were displayed behind the stage wall.

Today’s attendance was 340 members and guests, which was another House full attendance.  This shows how popular our programmes are growing day by day.

On the stage in the center of Hall, the music Group – Indian Ocean of Apoorav, Roshni with two other band members started the music a little late but everyone was in a joyous mood and joined in clapping and encouraging the singers.

After some time the dance floor was crowded with dancing members and this continued till the end.  The Group sang several oldies and unforgettable tunes from the “Bhuli Bishri Yadeein”, which were highly applauded as members also started to sing with the melodious tunes.  Several requests from members for their favourite songs were sung to the delight, dancing and clapping by members. Their Swahili songs were very popular and brought back memories of our residence in East Africa.  Gujarati songs were also highly applauded. Everyone praised this group who sang very tuneful songs.

At 12.50 pm the music was given a break before lunch and  Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi came on the mike to give a Vote of Thanks to :

*All volunteers and Committee Members who had come early to make all arrangements.
* Rasilaben and Prabhudasbhai Shah who sponsored the chocolates.
* Commonwealth Day Rangoli and banners by Meenaxiben and Rameshbhai Shah.
*Sattavis Patidar Centre for their co-operation.
*Apoorav and the music group for their tuneful music.
* Special Lunch and the Ice Cream sponsor – Ramaben J. Doshi
*Meera Caterers.
* Taramati and Jayantilal Sheth for their donation of £51.
* Kantilal Shah for donation of £21.

Our President – Vinod Parekh was then called to the mike.  Vinodbhai announced that the special lunch which was sponsored by Ramaben Doshi was for celebrating two occasions – Jayantbhai Doshi having been awarded OneJAIN Excellence in Community Service Award 2018 and their recent house move from Stanmore to Pinner.


He was also very happy to see the large attendance and requested members to continue to take part in all Kendra’s activities.  He specially requested the new members to come and show their talents and thanked everyone for their usual support.

At exactly 1.00 pm the lunch started.  Specific table numbers were called so that all those who sat on these could come to the laid out food and be served. The Special Fruit Shrikhand with Masala puri, Khandvi, Smosa, Rigna Bateta Bharelu saakh, Beans, Rice , Kadhi, Farfar and Pickles was highly enjoyed by everyone.

At 2.45 pm the sponsored Ice Cream in cups was served to all members.

Music continued until nearly 3.15 pm and Apoorv whilst reciting shairis in between songs, had also remarked that he was happy to perform before an audience who were very appreciative of their music.  Everyone talked about enjoying the fantastic music and excellent lunch.

We have received several messages of congratulations from members who have praised the excellent programme and the delicious special lunch.  Our thanks to all of them.