Announcements - Thursday 7th February 2019

Thursday, 7 February, 2019


1). Our Secretary -Jayantbhai Doshi first informed members that Manishaben is proceeding on her holidays to India and wished her Happy Holidays.  He also stated that whilst she is on holidays, we will get new Yoga teachers every week from next Thursday.  On 14/2, we have Michael – a Tai Chi tutor and it will be interesting to learn this.

2). Today’s Warm-up Yoga was conducted by Dineshbhai Shah and Manishaben conducted Yogic poses to help in Sciatica and in toning up the internal organs.  Many thanks to both from Kendra.  Manishaben is going on her holidays from 10th Feb to 10th March and we wish her happy Holidays.

3). DONATIONS:  *  Today’s lunch is sponsored by Oakdale Financial Service courtesy of Mr. Dipesh Shah.  Many thanks to him from Kendra.
                              * “Chaas” for the month of February is sponsored by a non-member : Parin Nathoo.  Kendra’s many thanks to her.
                              * £51 from Satishbhai Sanghani on his 85th birthday which he will celebrate on 10/2.  Our congratulations and Best Wishes. We pray that he will enjoy many more birthdays to come.

4). After lunch today, we will have a talk on Tax Efficient Investment & Estate Planning by Dipesh Shah and his team, and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea/coffee and biscuits.

5).  Next Thurs – 14/2 we will have Valentine’s Bingo.

6).  We regret we had to change our normal gathering from Thursday to Friday, as this was unavoidable.  We received information from Sattavis Patidar on Monday afternoon that the engineers were coming to sort out the heating and boiler issues, which meant that there would be no electricity and no heating.  Tuesday was not convenient for a change and Wednesday’s weather forecast was snow and chilly weather.  Therefore we had no option to change the day to Friday, which normally we never do considering Navnat’s gathering on that day.  Unfortunately the gathering had to be cancelled because of heavy snow on Friday for health and safety reasons.

7). Our first full day musical programme this year is on Thurs – 7th March 2019 with a highly recommended music group – ‘Anand & Shefali’ from India.  Members will have to book their tickets for £1 and guests are welcome for £15.  Tickets from the Main Desk at the entrance from Kishor Doshi.  There will be Special Meal but no Yoga on that day.

8).  Newsletter for February has been emailed to members and also uploaded on our website.  A few hard copies will be available for those members who have no access to emails.

9).  President – Vinod Parekh announced that Those who have given their names for the Lions Club party on 10/2must make sure that they will attend otherwise the sponsor Lions Club will have to pay charge.  He also informed that another invitation for 10 more members has been received from Lions Club of Enfield, we therefore need 10 more names urgently – whether you have previously attended or not.

TODAY’S WEATHER AND TEMPERATURE : Sunny but very windy and 9 C