Announcements - Thursday 7th November 2019

Thursday, 7 November, 2019


1). It is with great sadness that we have to inform members that our Yoga Guru’s mother passed away in India on 3/11 and Manishben has flown to India.  Kendra’s heartfelt condolences to Manishaben and her family and we pray to Lord Krishna to rest the deceased’s soul rest in eternal peace.

OM  SHANTI                             SHANTI                            SHANTI

Manishaben will return after two weeks.  Bhavnaben will conduct Yoga in her absence.

2). Today, Bhavnaben conducted the Yoga and made everyone laugh at all poses.   She conducted poses for catching mangoes from trees, cleaning of window glass panes, how to massage all the hand fingers with special ring etc.  Everyone enjoyed this.  Many thanks from Kendra. 

3). DONATIONS :  * “Chaas” for the month of November has been sponsored by jayshree Kothari.   Many thanks from Kendra.

                            * £50 from Sarojben and Kishore Lakhani who had celebrated Kishorebhai’s birthday on 4/11.  Kendra’s Best Wishes and we pray that he will enjoy many more birthdays to come.  They also gave chocolates to be distributed to all members.  Many thanks

                          * Kiranben and Nitinbhai Patel & family sponsored special “Churma na Ladu” at lunch time for all members in celebration of Diwali and they wished all members a Happy New Year and good Health and happiness.  Kendra’s Best wishes and many thanks to them.

4).  After lunch today, our member – Chandrakant Shah will talk about his journey upto Everest Base Camp and Swaminarayan Vachanmrut – 200th Anniversary (an old manuscript will be displayed).  As usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

Chandrakant Shah spoke about the earthquake in Nepal.  He thought of visiting Nepal and the Everest Base Camp in Nov 2015.  He explained his journey upto the Base Camp with interesting slides of his photos. 

V.P. -  Vinodbhai Kapashi, after giving a brief talk, displayed the 158 years old handwritten Vachanamruta of Swaminarayan Sampradai.  It was copied/written by Mahapurushdasji.  This is the original in his handwriting.                       

5). Next Thurs – 14/11, we will have ‘Tulsi Viva’ programme.

6). Please renew your membership for 2020.  Over 200 members have now renewed.  The deadline is 15th Dec.  Also collect your cards with the 2020 labels.

7).  Newsletter for the month of November has been emailed to members and also uploaded on our Website.  Few hard copies are available for those members who have no access to emails.

8).  18 members are going on the Potters Resort trip In the first week of December.  A few spaces are still available and if you are interested, please contact our Secretary – Jayantbhai Doshi.

9).  President – Vinod Parekh thanked members for their various messages and phone calls on the success of our Diwali Dhamaka programme.  We were all very happy that you all had wonderful time.  It gives us a boost and we feel happy that our efforts behind the programme has been a success. While on this subject, he reminded members to make sure that they sit on the place allocated to them as we had put in lot of hard work for over two weeks for the planning and by not seating on the allocated places, the work of our volunteers and duty officers was increased.  We hope that all members will be more careful in future about this.

He also informed members that on 6/11, we visited Neem Care Home, which is situated next to Jalaram Temple in Greenford.  We were told beforehand to arrange Bhajan Kirtan programme for their residents, as most of them have dementia.  So the Co-Ordinator – Purnimaben Mehta had to select singers and we had splendid response from members.  Six of us presented an hour and half of Bhajans, which they really enjoyed. One resident joined in all the items and she also sang her favourites. It looked like her old memory had come back. Many thanks to all singers and congratulations to Purnimaben for organising this visit under Seva Care.

He requested all who bring empty Yoghurt tins to please wash and clean them at home before bringing to the Centre.

10).  Vinodbhai Kapashi informed members that next Thurs – 14/11, we have a programme on “Tulsi Viva” and anyone wanting to take part in singing should give their names to Purnimaben Mehta.