Announcements - Thursday 7th September 2017

Thursday, 7 September, 2017


1). Today, Manishaben conducted continuous Yoga poses from beginning to end for frozen shoulders and other body joints.  She also conducted mountain climb and spider walk postures.  Many thanks to her on behalf of Kendra.

2).  DONATIONS :  * The Sponsor of “Chaas” for the month of September is Ranjanben Shashikant Sheth.  Many thanks to her from Kendra.

          * £51 from Sushilaben D Shah who celebrated her birthday on 5/9.  Heartiest congratulations and we pray that she enjoys many more  birthdays to come.
          * £21 from Mradula and Gulab Shah to celebrate the success of their grand-daughter : Karishma who passed her GCSE exams with three 9, four A* and 3A.  Congratulations and Best Wishes to the family.

3). We regret we had to change the programme after lunch.  Jasuben will inform us of the programme and as usual at Tea Time,  Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

4). Next Thurs – 14th Sept, we will have a presentation on Anxiety and Depression.  Previously Pragnaben Mandalia had arranged this presentation as an interactive talking therapy workshop and this was highly praised by all who had taken part and that is why we have now arranged the same for all members.

5). Newsletter for Sept has been forwarded by email to members and also uploaded on our Website.  A few copies are available for those who have no access to internet.

6). We have already announced and also circulated about the request from Manishaben not to stop her to ask questions whilst she is leaving the Hall.  Please note that she has to attend her other class and she does not want to be delayed for the same. She also needs to prepare for the answer. If you want to tell her about anything, then write by email and she will attend to it.  Or you can send her a Whatsup message on 0790868147.  You can even request our Secretary to do so on your behalf.  ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PHONE HER.

7).  41 members have joined in the second trip to Wales from last Monday.  We wish them happy and enjoyable tour.

8).  We have arranged a wonderful cruise trip to Panama from 9th to 27th Nov. The tour will start from Los Angles and finish in Miami going through one of the great wonders of the world – Panama Canal.  Already 20 members have booked for the trip and another member is looking for a partner.  If you are interested please contact Jayantbhai Doshi.

Our next grand programme will be on Tues – 24th October at the VIP Lounge to celebrate Diwali. This will be a full day programme with music.  Tickets are now on sale at the main Table at the Entrance.  Members will pay the subsidised charge of £5 and guests £25.  Anybody wishing to donate good Raffle prizes should contact me.

10). A reminder to all Committee Members :  A meeting will be held on Tues-12th at 10.00am in the committee room.  Please arrive in time.

11).  Vinod Parekh announced  i) Tickets for the Diwali Dhamaka are now on sale and members are requested to start collecting same.
           II) This time there will be no sitting arrangements with table numbers as last time we had lot of problems as members did not sit on the tables reserved by them.  This time it will be on ‘First come first serve’ basis and no blocking of chairs will be allowed.  If you want to sit with your friends, then come with them.  Volunteers will be there to ensure this is observed.
          iii) There will be 6 tables reserved – 3 for committee members, 1 for Volunteers and 2 for Disabled.
         iv)  Parking is limited so please share cars.
         v) Programme starts at 11.00 am and will end at 3.30 pm.  If you use Dial A Ride, arrange accordingly.
        vi) Jain Food – please let us know when purchasing tickets so that arrangement can be made.
               vii) Raffle Prizes – if you wish to donate, please contact us.

12).  Jasuben Sheth announced that after lunch we will have a new game – Triple.  You will get a card and you have to see, think and say on the topic.