Announcements - Thursday 9th May 2019

Thursday, 9 May, 2019


Today was a cloudy day with rain at times and temperature of 13C, when we had our sponsored musical programme with special lunch menu.  The programme was sponsored by Ramaben J Doshi and family in celebration of Jayantilal Uttamchand Doshi’s 80th birthday. As usual volunteers had come very early to decorate the Hall and also to finalise all preparations before the doors opened.  Members also started to come early, dressed in colourful saris or smart dresses, to get their preferred tables.  Volunteers were ready to welcome members and guests at 10.15 am.
After signing their names in the register kept on the table just outside the Hall Door, they entered and handed over their tickets/passes and were given chocolates


At the entrance of the Hall inside there was a table in the corner, which was beautifully decorated by Meenaxiben Ramesh Shah, with Jayantbhai Doshi’s 80th Birthday theme.  Also placed was a Flower Vase with colourful flowers brought by Manjuben Pindoria.  Attendees then occupied their preferred tables to sit with their friends as there was free seating. All the tables were colourfully decorated with flower pot and a water bottle placed with glasses.
Today’s attendance was over 370 members and guests which is a record for attendance in this Hall, and it is now becoming a norm in our special programmes with live music. This shows how popular our programmes are growing day by day and members eagerly await more of such programmes.


On the stage in the centre of the Hall was the trio of the music Group of Umaben and Sailesh Pujara.  At 11.00 am the President – Vinod Parekh welcomed everyone and requested all present to take their seats and maintain silence when the singers were singing so that everyone can enjoy the music.  He also stated that requests should only be submitted to Vinodbhai Kapashi, who will pass the same to the Group. 
Umaben started the programme with a Bhajan and continued with famous old songs. Soon everyone was in a joyous mood listening to their favourite hit songs and started clapping and encouraging the singers. After a while our lovely inseparable couple of Neemaben and Surubhai Kakad came on the dance floor and continued to dance most of the time.  Other members also joined in dancing and the area was crowded with dancing members.  This continued till the end.  The singers loved the dances of Neemaben and Surubhai and even encouraged them.


The Group sang several oldies and unforgettable tunes from the “Bhuli Bishri Yadeein”, which were highly applauded as members also started to sing with their melodious tunes.  Several requests from members for their favourite songs were handed in and these were later sung by the Group to the delight, dancing and clapping by members. Some of the songs were hits from the fifty's and sixty’s and  were very well appreciated
At 12.45 pm the music stopped and a small table was placed near the Stage with a very large 80th Birthday cake on the table.  The President then called for the family of Ramaben and Jayantbhai near the stage and called for Jasuben Sheth, who recited a lovely and humorous poem on Jayatbhai, which was highly praised.  Everyone then joined in singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song for Jayantbhai and the Band continued with the wonderful tune of ‘Tum jeo hazaro saal.....’  Jayantbhai then cut the cake and his family joined in turn to give him a piece of cake. 

After the cake cutting, the daughters of Ramaben/Jayantbhai came near the stage to speak on how wonderful their dad was and described their joys from their childhood in their upbringing by him.


The President – Vinod Parekh then gave his address by thanking the Doshi family for arranging this special function at NVK, which was the first time ever that a full day’s programme with music, special lunch and Tea Time cake was sponsored.  He also felt pride and happiness to a grand beginning after the AGM and appointment of the Office Bearers.  He thanked members for turning out in such large numbers and requested them to meet their friends and make the most of the happy day.  He welcomed all the guests and wished them an enjoyable afternoon.

He also informed of the ‘Mystery Trip’ from 29/7 to 2/8 for just £150 for members and £175 for non-members, which was a bargain for 5 days stay in the  summer holiday season.  Names will be taken from next week with payment only.  Finally he thanked all the volunteers – from the Hall entrance to the kitchen – on performing various duties.

He stated that the Executive Committee had decided to honour by bestowal of a ‘saal’ to Jayantbhai/Ramaben for sponsoring today’s programme. First he called them to come forward near the stage and requested the Vice President – Vinodbhai Kapashi to speak.  Vinodbhai Kapashi spoke on the wonderful work done by Jayantbhai and gave a ‘saal’ to the President to bestow on the couple.  This was done with thunderous clapping by all.

Vinodbhai Kapashi then gave a vote of thanks to all who had helped in the programme, including the sponsors, Meera Caterers, Management of Sattavis Patidar Centre, volunteers and Music Group. This was followed by a break for lunch.

At lunch time the sponsored Special Menu was : Fruit Shrikhand, Masala Puri, Samosa, Khandvi, Rigna/Bateta/Karela sakh, dry 'chutta mag', Rice, Kadhi, “Fur –Fur”, Chutney & Pickles.  Everyone enjoyed the sumptuous meal.
At 2.45 pm the sponsored cake was distributed to all.
Music continued after lunch until 3.45 pm.  Everyone praised and applauded this group as they had enjoyed their tuneful songs.  Even the food was very delicious and many members and guests came up to praise a wonderful programme.