Announcements - Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Tuesday, 23 October, 2018


23rd Oct was a mild Autumnal day when we had our second Diwali Dhamaka programme at VIP Lounge with full day of music. This being our third programme at that venue in last two years.

Members were so excited that many had turned up at the venue very early and everyone was full of enthusiasm wearing smart dresses, colourful saris or suits.  After presenting their tickets to the volunteers at the entrance, the members were given the counterfoil duly numbered and this was to be retained for the Raffle Draw.

Everyone then entered the Hall where they were given a smartly packed mixed nuts by Binaben, Rasilaben and Prabhudasbhai Shah, as a welcome treat.  Members really appreciated the nuts.


In the hall on a table at the side, our members Meenaxiben and Rameshchand Shah had made an eye-catching Rangoli using autumn leaves, beads,necklaces, brass bowls and cones. Saucers holding LED candles were hand painted with mirrors:

All the tables in the Hall were colourfully decorated in White, Blue and Peach and so was the Hall with coloured lights. The ambience was indeed noteworthy.


Today’s attendance was 343 members and guests, which is now becoming a norm in our special programmes with live music. This shows how popular our programmes are growing day by day now. 

Our Secretary - Jayantbhai Doshi was the MC for the programme and he welcomed everyone wishing all a Happy Diwali. He also welcomed all our invited guests giving brief introductions and thanking them for all their support and help to NVKendra.


In his special welcome for guests, Jayantbhai mentioned that Manishaben - our Yoga Guru, had been conducting Yoga for NVK for over 11 years now and members had really benefited healthwise by doing Yoga.  We all agree that she has been instrumental in keeping us healthy because of her help to every individual member to ensure that everyone does the Yoga poses correctly. No doubt we are immensely thankful to her for our fitness.


On the stage in the centre of Hall was the music Group – Vasant Malde's - Saphire Group with ten members,including a lady singer.  Music started a little late, at 11.15 am but everyone was in a joyous mood and joined in clapping and encouraging the singers. As soon as the music started, the dance floor was crowded with dancing members and this continued till the end. 


The Group sang several oldies and unforgettable tunes from the “Bhuli Bishri Yadeein”, which were highly applauded as members also started to sing with the melodious tunes.  Several requests from members for their favourite songs were sung to the delight, dancing and clapping by members.  The Gujarati Garbas were a hit and the dancing floor was packed with members performing garbas. Everyone praised this group with their tuneful songs.

It was a matter of pride for NVK to see many members in their seventies and eighties taking part in Garbas so joyfully and happily without any care in the world.  It seems we have to keep many such programmes which are a delight to our members.

At 12.30 pm the tasty starters were served on the tables : Dahi Vada, Veg Cutlets, Peas, Kachori and Chilli Mogo with chutneys. Everyone enjoyed these starters, whilst the music continued.

When there was a break from music, Jayantbhai Doshi gave a vote of thanks to the following :
* Skylink Travel & Tours for giving the Raffle prize - 2 nights in a Hotel with Breakfast for two.  They had also printed the tickets for our programme.
* Beenaben, Prabhudasbhai and Rasilaben Shah for sponsoring the smart packets of nuts at the entrance to all members.
* Meenaben & Rameshbhai Shah for displaying the Rangoli at the entrance.
* All the volunteers for doing the hard work in making all arrangements around the Banqueting Hall.
* DONATIONS : * £51 from an anonymous member.
                            * £51 from Binaben Prabhudasbhai Shah.
                            * £21 from our Honorary Auditors - Deepak & Ritaben Shah.
Special thanks to Purnimaben Mehta for compiling the attendee's list and also preparing the Table allocations.
* The Music Group and its leader - Vasant Malde for providing excellent music with variety of Bollywood music.
* VIP Management and their staff for their excellent service.
* Finally all the members who attended in such large numbers and made the programme a huge success.

Jasuben Sheth then recited a very interesting 'kavita' which praised all the work and activity performed by individual Managing Committee members.  This was very nicely arranged and was highly praised by all.

Our President - Vinod Parekh then announced that he felt great pride in addressing to such a large gathering and said that Jasuben Sheth had already said most of the matter that he wanted to say, but as a formality he would say a few points.  First about discipline - he was happy to inform that our Kendra is the most disciplined group among the senior societies in London as the visitors like - NHS, McMillan Trust etc have informed us.  Our project of visiting Care homes, called 'Seva Care' has been very successful and the residents there have been very happy when we visit them to perform various activities. Please join us in the visits when the Co-ordinator asks you.  Also he welcomed any new suggestions and activities. Finally he said that we will soon be celebrating Diwali so he wished all a very Happy Diwali and New Year on behalf of himself and all the Executive Committee members.  Have fun.

Nimaben Kakad then gave a final presentation of a short song in praise of NVK.

The tuneful music continued after the break whilst the Main course was served on every table, whilst the Jain menu for 35 persons was served in the outside small hall.  The main course included Bhindi Capsicum,Turya Patra, Veg Handi, Lilva Kadhi, Hydrabadi Biryani, Masala Puri, Salad, Boondi Raita and Fruit Srikhand. The dessert was Kala Jamun, which were served hot.

Masala Tea/Coffee was served at 3.00 pm, whilst the music continued.

Music continued until nearly 4.00 pm when one of the Band member announced that their band was very happy to perform for the elderly members and seeing that all of them enjoying and taking   part in the dances and garbas. He also said that They were honoured to sing to such a large crowd who were very appreciative of their music.


Jayantbhai Doshi then announced that there will be a Raffle Draw and he gave details of the conditions for the prize winner.  He then called upon a Representative of Skylink - Jayshreeben, who was our guest, to draw the winning ticket.  The winning ticket drawn was 289 which was claimed by Indiraben and Virendra Doshi.  The prize envelope was then presented to them.


Finally a member - Jeetendra Mehta came forward on behalf of all present to thank the President and the Executive Committee for organising such a grand programme with delicious food, good music and eye catching decor.  A suggestion was made for a joint photograph of the Executive Committee and this was done.


Everyone enjoyed the fantastic music and applauded them.  The programme ended after 4.00 pm and many members talked about the very enjoyable programme. The food and the music were also excellent.  From the members views, it seemed this was yet another fantastic programme we have had so far.

After the programme we have been inundated with numerous messages of congratulations, appreciation and enjoyment of the excellent programme.  To all those who sent us such messages, The Executive Committee has to say that members’ satisfaction and enjoyment is our reward for all our efforts.  When members enjoy and give us credit, it also gives us the impetus, a lot of pleasure and encouragement and we hope to continue to work even better for the elderly in future.


REMEMBER : We are meeting next on Thurs - 1st Nov when the programme is "Dipavali & Hindu Festivals Quiz with songs and dances". Please come prepared.

Chimanbhai Sheth had taken over 200 photographs for the programme and all these have been uploaded on our Website - Galleries.  Direct link :     Many thanks to him

Mayor of London's annual "Diwali in London" programme at Trafalgar Square will be held this Sunday- 28/10 from 1.00pm.  I have been told that there will be an Opening Ceremony with 'Ghoomar' dance performed by 150 dancers from various Dance Schools.