Announcements - Wednesday 30th August 2017

Wednesday, 30 August, 2017


1). Today’s Yoga was conducted by Chandrikaben Bheda and she conducted Yogic exercises for all body parts very briskly till the end.   Many thanks to her on behalf of Kendra.

2).  DONATIONS : £10 from Chandrikaben Bheda with Best Wishes to Kendra on the wonderful activities being done for the elderly. Many thanks from Kendra.

3). After lunch today we will have a talk by Dr. Vinodbhai Kapashi on Jainism and ‘Pryushan parva’ and as usual at Tea Time,  Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

4). Next Thurs – 7th Sept, Vanik Association of UK will give a presentation on Care Home and Final Care.

We had sent an email about Manishaben being stopped by some members to ask her questions about their problems when she is leaving the Hall to attend her other class.  Please note that if you want to tell her about anything, then write by email and she will attend to it.  This is very necessary in order to prepare for the answer. Her email is:  Or you can send her a Whatsup message on 0790868147.  You can even request our Secretary to do so on your behalf.  Please remember this and do not make her late to attend her next session by stopping her. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PHONE HER.

6).  Our member – Vinodbhai Kapashi has written a very informative book for Jains titled “JAIN DHARM : GNANSAGAR”.  The book in the form of 1008 questions and its answers by Vinodbhai is an excellent book with a wealth of information on various Jain topics.  He has previously written 18 books.  Our Heartiest congratulations and Kendra is really proud to have him as one of the committee member.

7). Please ensure that ONLY FOOD WASTE is put in the appropriate container as announced last week.  This is not to be contaminated by putting any plastic utensils or serviettes etc.

8).  Vinodbhai Parekh announced instructions for those who are joining in the second Wales trip from 4th Sept :

i) Coach will leave from Kenton Library in Kenton Lane at 9.30 am and all are requested to come before 9.15am.
ii) Please bring your water bottle, plastic plate, mug for tea and spoon.
iii). Light lunch will be provided on all days.  If you need any special diet, then please arrange for it.
iv). Since we have added a visit to the Electric Mountain, a charge of £5 will be collected from all in the Coach.
v). English vegetarian food will be served in the Hotel.
vi). Keep warm clothes as it becomes cool in the evening and also take proper walking shoes and no slippers etc. for the  Electric Mountain.