Announcements - Thursday 22nd May 2014

Today’s Yoga was done on chair as everyone has come well dressed to celebrate the thumping election victory by Shri Narendra Modi and his BJP in India.

Today’s Special lunch is sponsored by Ramaben Jayantilal Doshi on the occasion of Narendra Modi becoming the PM and also Jayantilal Doshi celebrating his 75th birthday last week and Ramaben’s birthday coming soon.  Kendra’s heartiest thanks, best wishes and congratulations to Ramaben and Jayantilal on reaching birthday milestones.  We pray that they enjoy many more birthdays to come.

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Announcements - Thursday 15th May 2014


Kendra welcomes all the guests who have come today.

Today’s Warm up Yoga by Dhirubhai Galani was a real fun with Bollywood style dancing exercises on music.  Everyone enjoyed this. 

In fact this was a rehearsal of what is going to  happen tomorrow morning all over Gujarat in India with plenty of ladus and jalebis.  We are awaiting the wonderful official news.

Today’s lunch is sponsored by Nanalal & Kokila Solani to celebrate their daughter – Dr. Reena’s wedding.

Announcements - Thursday 8th May 2014

1.After lunch today we have a programme of Musical Chairs and discussions and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

2.  On 15th May we will have recitals of poems by Bhartiben and Pankaj Vora.

3.  On 22nd May we have an ‘Antakshri’ programme and this will be in a different format.

4.  On 29th May we will have Part II of the Quiz programme (continued from 1st May)

5.  We have been informed that all the 35 participants who are in Manor House for 5 nights since 4th May are having a wonderful time. They are due to return tomorrow. We wish them best.

6.On June 22,

Announcements - Thursday 1st May 2014

1.DONATIONS :  * ‘Chaas’ for all the five Thursdays in the month of May is sponsored by Priti Vaid.  Many thanks to her on behalf of Kendra.
                                * The total cost of preparing tea for the five Thursdays in the month of May, including milk, sugar, teabags, tea, biscuits, thermal cups etc. have all been sponsored by Pritiben and Sejuben Shah, who are relatives of our member Shardaben J Shah.

2.   After lunch today Jasuben has arranged a Quiz programme (Questions and Answers) and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

3.  On 15th May we will have

Announcements - Thursday 24th April 2014

Nimaben Kakad gave a thought for the day.

1.   After lunch today we have Dr. Sunita Sharma, a gynaecologist, who will talk and discuss health problems of ladies in this Hall and gents can play cards  in the upstairs room taking care not to make noise and disturb other programmes and as usual at Tea Time, Kendra will provide tea and biscuits.

2.  Next Thursday, we will have a Quiz programme.

3. The film at Cineworld, Wembley in London Designer Centre on Monday 28th April at 11.00 am is GULAB GANG – starring Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit. Kendra members will pay £3 to watch this movie.

4. We had